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Practicing blogging…

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Much like before I use my blog as a vehicle to share what makes me “click” and where I find inspiration for my art.  As I continue to evolve in my art practice and travel the world to connect with workshop participants and friends alike I will use this blog to stay in touch!
I encourage you to comment, ask questions and provide feedback!

While I am practicing my blogging with new tools and up-to-date technology I have decided to post as often as possible right now. I just returned from a short walk on the lake. I have been exploring the shoreline every since the first thin layer of ice began to appear and connected with the mainland.

Today’s images are from one of these lake excursions which are awe inspiring and at the same time test my sense of adventure. The lake is very active this year: Moaning and creaking are one thing but active cracking sounds which echo back from below have a haunting sound. They remind me of someone knocking against a water or steam pipe in the bowels of a basement or passenger ship, trying to communicate a secret code… I know, I know – my imagination is going wild!

Speaking of imagination and inspiration: The many images I have gathered from my icy shore walks will provide me with the basis for my new body of work, debuting in August at Harvest Moon Gallery in Meacham, SK. Keep checking back and I will share my progress!

Stay warm!

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One thought on “Practicing blogging…

  1. Those photos remind me of a great place I lived once! I look forward to a nice warm winter now :/


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