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The transition is in full swing:

My website has been transferred to the new server and after a very late night the information is once again up-to-date.

Meanwhile I am working on the December newsletter which will be posted later this week. At the same time I started to organize my studio for the upcoming design workshop at the end of January. The space is beginning to take shape and I am sure once the extra light source is installed the space will be ideal! I have 5 of the six spaces filled and am sure the 6th spot won’t be open for much longer.

I can’t believe Christmas is only twelve days away – I have a number of things to do in the studio before I can switch over to baking and wrapping gifts. I seem to do this every year: As soon as I think I am organized I have a look at the calendar and get an immediate reality check! Life is busy – life is great! Back to the newsletter!

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One thought on “Transitioning…

  1. I know exactly how you feel! I am currently working on finishing up a commissioned quilt, due before Christmas, and I still have making and baking to do, on top of my day job. I’m confident that all will get done, in my home and yours; congratulations to you on your transition!!


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