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Unfurling like a fern working from the dark, protective center to the light, getting stronger by the hour – This is the experience I have when embarking on a new body of work. From the inspiration to sketching, formulating words that provide focus and suggest the overall theme and mood, it is a slow and careful process.

My new venture of creating small art every day of the year is off to a great start. I have chosen my format and am now spending a short amount of time each day on creating my “Journal Artlets”. Images will be posted once I have my first week completed.

I restrict myself to no more than 15 minutes per Artlet to foster spontaneity. A stickler for detail and over-thinking a project I have chosen this as my way to relax and play while embracing my inner child.

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2 thoughts on “Unfurling

  1. I think I recognise that secret stairway to the world of greeeeeeen! Make me miss spring…keep up the good work my dear friend and may we have many more photo sessions together…


  2. Margaret Guest on said:

    I keep taking photo’s when I am out hiking and think to myself — “I wonder what Anna would do with this?”


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