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Joie de Vivre…

…and spontaneity are my two aspects of the day. The piece depicted in this image is titled Joie de Vivre and was created in late 2010. It was inspired by an edge treatment in one of my journals and I felt compelled to explore the intertwined design. The sketchbook was 9 x 12 ” and once I traced the 2″ wide colored design I just had to enlarge it. One step led to another and soon I was translating the colors into fabric eventually completing the piece measuring 68″ h x 48″ w. The fabrics are joined and quilted by machine, the applique was executed by hand and many hours went into the hand embellishment.

I worked spontaneously and let the shapes and colors guide me. Creating the piece brought continuous joy. To this day I feel excited and happy when I look at my creation in actuality and as an image.

Creating art that conveys a mood or imparts a strong emotional reaction has been my goal ever since I set out on my creative path. At the moment I am working on small photo transfers of images captured during the first freeze of the lake shore. The images were cropped and enhanced with stitch to set a mood. Work is going strong and I am close to framing these miniatures. My goal with this new body of work is to bring the onlooker close, capture their interest and let her or him discover natures patterns and sculpture in a new presentation.

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2 thoughts on “Joie de Vivre…

  1. I love the colours, and the playful look of this piece! Today, I tried improvisational piecing for the first time, and am so enjoying what had been done so far… It is so important to have that kind of connection and emotion when looking at art; I am looking forward to seeing what you show us next!


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