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Recycling and that’s not all!

I have been actively experimenting with used dryer sheets for years. Many of you know that I incorporate these little versatile and virtually indestructible gossamer webs into my art regularly. The book cover on the right was created with recycled felt-like fabric and painted dryer sheets.

Why am I sharing this with you today? Well, around Christmas I received a congratulatory email announcing that I had been nominated by former students and supporters as one of the “Most Inspiring Quilt Instructors of 2011”. I was flattered but immediately the little voice in my head switched on and told me that this must be a hoax. I did some investigation into the background info I had. Eventually I had to admit that the person who was communicating with me was legitimate. One email after another provided a little more info and instilled a sense of confidence in me that the nomination was a reality.

I complied with the submission of images and background information and today, at 1 pm Central Standard Time I participated in an online interview with Tim from Willow Bend Creations in Alaska. The interview questions had been supplied a couple of days ago and I was ready – a little worried about my satellite connection, but ready. The interview went well – at least I felt it went well, and it concluded with a segment where I offered a special project for viewers. I shared the construction of the book cover pictured in this blog entry. I can’t wait to see the edited version that will soon be published. A special feature will announce and advertise the event on u-Tube and other sites, according to Tim. Willow Bend Creations is going to make available DVDs with the interview and project instruction. I will keep you posted. I couldn’t wait to share this exciting event in my life! Get ready to vote for the quilt teacher you found most inspiring in 2011!

Before I sign off for today: I want to express a warm and heartfelt Thank You to all of you who have taken the time to share my name with Willow Bend Creations! I am humbled and grateful and am fully aware that I would not be here without you!


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One thought on “Recycling and that’s not all!

  1. Congratulations to you! Although I have yet to take a class from you, I am positive that the honour is well deserved…


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