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Read, Sign up and Win!

Great news, the latest and penultimate edition of Connecting Design Threads Newsletter is now ready for download from my website.

I am about to send out the mass notifications! It is my big hope to entice all of my readers to consider signing up as followers of this blog. Why would you do this? Here is a good reason: I will enter every name already signed up since December 8th as well as anyone new until February 29th, 2012. These names will be put into a hat and a draw will take place on March 1st for one lucky winner of Prairie Reflections I (See image above).

This piece of art toured Alberta with the Alberta Society of Artists in 2008. It is professionally matted and framed, ready for hanging in a place of your choice. The value of the piece is $195. I will ship the work to the winner in early March.

Are you ready to sign up but are worried about future junk mail? I promise not to use the information you supply – your privacy is protected! No junk emails will appear in your inbox associated with your sign up.

Enjoy the newsletter and stay creative!

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29 thoughts on “Read, Sign up and Win!

  1. Jennifer Gordon on said:

    Thank-you Anna, for all you have shared with me since our paths crossed. I’ll miss your news letter, but look forward to what you share in the future.


    • You are welcome, Jennifer! It has been such a great time of learning and exploring while connecting with people like yourself. Thanks to the newsletter I have gained a better understanding of the English language and have gleaned a little more insight into the mysterious workings of my computer… Here is to staying in touch and connecting again in the future!


  2. Jeanette on said:

    Hi Anna, Congratulations on this new venture. I have consistently been so very inspired by you & your newsletters. I look forward to following your blogs.
    Best Wishes,


  3. a lurker usually, it’s nice to see your new “space” here!


  4. Isabella Nelson on said:

    I look forward to your blogs…..your newsletter has been motivating and informative. Isabella


  5. I signed up. Crazy cold tonight. I sewed so I could sit by a hot iron tonight. ha ha


  6. Debbie Tyson on said:

    Hi Anna. More greetings from Edmonton! I have enjoyed your newsletters in the past and am looking forward to staying connected with your blog. Take good care. Debbie Tyson


  7. Awesome blog! Love making it a part of my weekly destination.


  8. Hi Anna:
    What an exciting opportunity to teach in Italy! I can’t wait to hear all about it.
    I want you to know that you are the first blogger that I plan on following. I just love your little artlets. You are so inspiring.
    Angela Maves


  9. Margaret Guest on said:

    Hi Anna, I’m following your blog in Florida for the winter and sewing for about an hour a day (between tennis and the pool!)


  10. Gwen Klypak on said:

    All the best to you and Colin for 2012.


  11. Hi Anna! I always enjoyed your new letter and perusing your web site. I am looking forward to following your blog! Happy New Year!

    cheri sheridan


  12. Margo Jacobs on said:

    I am so thrilled for you and Colin in your journey to Italy this year. Your work is always an inspiration – I am just waiting for it to blossom in me.
    Take care and just keep doing what you are doing cause it is so wonderful.


  13. Hi Anna,
    I’ll certainly sign up for your blog. It’s an interesting forum for the exchange of news from other creating artists. Your newsletter was very interesting and inspiring; how do you find the time away from creating your masterpieces to work on your blog???? Great to be in touch.
    Debbie Richards


  14. Hi Anna,
    I really like this new format! And I’m looking forward to following you a little more regularly. The first week of the new year is done, where are the photos of the artlets?


    • Hi Corinne,
      Thanks for joining as a blog follower. I have decided to entice everyone with three Artlet images in the newsletter. I will post the array of 31 artlets on or around February 1st. You just have to be patient a little while longer!
      All the best,


  15. Anne Gott on said:

    Hi from Calgary

    I just clilcked on the “follow” icon & entered my email so I hope that is sufficient. Congratulations Anna – on your nomination, your Italy opportunity, and all the other well-deserved recognition you have received in the past couple of years. You are talented, generous with your time & knowledge, and a true inspiration.

    Anne Gott


  16. THANK YOU, everyone who has signed up so far to follow my blog! I did not realize that just signing up without leaving a comment protects your privacy so well that I don’t get your name for the draw!
    Please leave a comment once you have signed on to follow and I will enter your name. All of you who have already taken the time to provide input – your name has been added “to the hat.”


  17. Linda Dirkson on said:

    Hi Anna, hope I completed the “sign up”???? Today really feels like the first day of winter. Love the artlets you’re doing, great idea!


  18. Dawn Sare on said:

    Is this what I do to sign up? Sorry to be less well informed than some.


  19. Therese O'Connor on said:

    Sign me up! Anna, hope you are well and weathering the winter, although it has been pretty mild here in central New York state. Today was our first day dipping below 15 degrees F. Happy winter! Therese


  20. Colleen Lawrence on said:

    looks good Anna, as usual, glad to see you are moving up in the art world, well deserved


  21. Phyllis Anastasiades on said:

    Happy New Year.
    You are in my thoughts as I struggle to make quilts of my own and I often wonder how you would handle the project. I wish I lived closer to you so that I could ask for a little visit.
    Phyllis Anastasiades
    P.S. I hope that I win because the colours are PERFECT for our home


  22. Phyllis Anastasiades on said:

    Dear Anna,
    Happy New Year.
    You are in my thoughts as I struggle to make quilts of my own and I often wonder how you would handle the project. I wish I lived closer to you so that I could ask for a little visit.
    Phyllis Anastasiades
    P.S. I hope that I win because the colours are PERFECT for our home


  23. Hi Anna…

    Congratulations on the new blog a great desision and one that will be benficial over time. I will miss having the Newsletter, and have saved all I have received for years, keeping them in a binder, as I refer back to them often for tips and news and the book reviews!

    Best wishes on this venture and all the New Year can bring your way.
    Bethany Garner
    Kingston, ON


  24. Alexandra McKeever. on said:

    Awesome! Orange is my son’s favorite color.


  25. Anna, I have always enjoyed your newsletters and look forward to following your blog. Hopefully I have signed up correctly…
    Hugs, Marsha Cochrane


  26. Hello, Anna!

    Happy New Year! What a delight to read your blog (I went back to Dec. 15 and read through) and see your beautiful work. Of course, you know I’ve been following you since I took that first class in creating artful quilt backs at the Fabric Cottage over a decade ago…! I hope we will see you in May at Patti’s for the SAQA Western Canada (Alberta) regional meeting. Encouraging me to join SAQA was one of the best pieces of advice you ever gave me. After the Denver Conference I took serious stock of my skills, abilities, and confidence, and have backed off exhibiting in order to finish my City and Guilds Level 2 Certificate. I have learned *so* much — and sold a piece or two in the interim!

    Congratulations on your teaching trip to Italy. Oh! I look forward to reading all about it, as I am sure you will take many photos and post regularly to your blog, right?

    All the best to you and Colin for a healthy, happy and creative 2012!


  27. Elinor Burwash on said:

    Hi Anna. Snow has just come to Edmonton and it is cold, cold and I have just come in from shoveling. So it is a real treat to open up your blog page and see the wonderfully inspiring photographs. I look forward to making your blog a regular stop. Elinor


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