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I am humbled by your overwhelming response to my request to check out my blog and sign on as a follower. Thank you so much for your support!

While some of you have WordPress affiliations (via a personal blog or otherwise), many of you who signed up showed up on my notification as “someone has just signed up as a follower of your blog”. Unless you took the time to comment on any of the posts from the inception of my blog to today your name does not show! How is that for anonymity?

If you read this and have not signed up as a follower, make sure to either send me a quick email personally better yet, leave a short feedback post. This way you are guaranteed one entry into the draw for the art work!

It is a great morning with a glorious sunrise which lets me forget that out temperatures have finally plummeted to reflect the season. My day will be spent in the studio and I am embarking on the larger format pieces for my August exhibition. I have selected the images and am ready to approach the machine. The images I drew my inspiration from also form the foundation for this new body of work. I am revisiting print on fabric and machine embellishment.

The feature images in today’s gallery came from a brief excursion along the lake shore after the first freeze and several days of warmer temperatures. The animal tracks, usually fleeting and quickly erased by wind and more snow had transformed and taken on a permanency which made them much more visible and difficult to overlook. While these images are not in my new body of work I could not help myself but but post and share them with you.

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22 thoughts on “Awesome!

  1. Looking forward to ‘following’ your posts Anna. I’m already inspire to get back into my studio and CREATE!


  2. Mary Anne Jarvin on said:

    I have followed your newsletters ever since I took a course from you in Victoria quite a few years back now. I’m looking forward to the blog entries.


  3. Vanina on said:

    Loved your newsletters and now am enjoying your blog. Thanks for the great images! Am very sad that I am no longer in SK and able to take your courses .


  4. Carole Avery on said:

    Hi Anna,

    I really enjoy your blog. It is quite an inspiration to be creative and break out of the mold.


  5. Monica Knoll on said:

    I think I signed up…never done this before….Monica 🙂


  6. Isabella Nelson on said:

    I am enjoying your posts, Anna.


  7. Darlene Hergert on said:

    Blessings for 2012 to Anna and Colin from Darlene Hergert in Edmonton.
    Haven’t gotten around to creating by sewing again, although I have best intentions now that I have a grandson, but I follow your newsletter/blog with interest Anna.

    Darlene Hergert


  8. Hi Anna … I signed up … Vivian Kapusta


  9. Katina on said:

    It is a balmy 2 degrees here on the East Coast. Winter comes and goes, as does the snow. Interesting tracks in the snow some days, but always erased by the rain. Had a raccoon peak in the window one evening and scared me silly. Hoping the coyotes that have been spotted stay far away, and all the bear stay sleeping. Love your pictures. We enjoy walking along the ocean on these crisp January days looking for sea glass. See you at Quilt Canada Anna.


  10. PetraHarrison on said:

    good to read your blog, hope to see you guys out this way this year?


  11. Karen Jurek on said:

    It’s 30 degrees C below here in Cochrane with a wind chill at 40 or less. I am firmly ensconced at my new sewing machine trying to learn what it will do. I got a Janome 7700
    like you did. My old Bernina finally just died. (23 years old).


  12. Karen Jurek on said:

    I love your photography Anna.


  13. Phyllis Anastasiades on said:

    I think I posted a comment!


  14. Donna Cutler on said:

    Hi Anna: Love your blog and your animal track photos. I have a set of these also-some day I’m going to do a series on all the critters who have peeked through my patio door…everything from foxes and deer to skunks and raccoons. Even had a robin at my bird feeder yesterday-someone should tell him he missed the southbound plane! Like you, I’m spending the day in my studio and other than one quick trip out to fill my bird feeders, am staying in where it’s warm! … Donna


  15. Sorry about the initial confusion with the slide show. It worked in preview – but I was unable to get it to work properly for everyone and so I changed it to a gallery. Hope I didn’t cause too much frustration first thing in the morning!


  16. Dawn Sare on said:

    Anna, I don’t see a way to view your photos. Can you tell me how?


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