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Reviewing the Past Week…

… leads to the conclusion that it was time well spent!

I am happy to share with you that I completed the work for my August exhibition early. A sneak peek is provided with this image. All work is based on the transformation of the lake shore from late fall to winter. With the very first freeze I discovered a magical world. I created, mounted and framed 23 miniature pieces based on my photography well ahead of schedule. This opens up a number of time slots to explore other opportunities.

Speaking of opportunities: I regularly scout for calls to enter my work and sometimes the criteria catches my eye because I have individual pieces that may  be considered for an exhibition. Entering on line is now the norm and is a great way to avoid a trip into town to mail off the entry information and hoping that it will arrive in time. Well, all this positive thinking didn’t get me very far today. I re-photographed and sized the images to specification, filled in the on-line form and clicked “upload”. The little arrow went around and around and around in circles – you get the picture! I waited for nearly an hour and quit somewhat frustrated. I contacted the web master and was actually able to send the images directly to her for insertion into the from. I am very grateful for her offer to assist! For any of you Canadian quilters that may be interested, there is still time to enter your work for the “Oh Canada 2012” exhibition!

Why am I sharing this with you – well, it is always humbling when one thinks that everything is going so well, everything is falling into place and all one needs to do is just one more thing…  You get stopped in your tracks! It’s time to stop, reflect and take a deep breath.

I am working on the Artist’s Way and just completed week three. During check in the question arose “whether I experienced any serendipity this week”. My answer was inconclusive at first – with the recent development while attempting to upload images to a website I am reconsidering. It’s time to tear myself away from the computer and all things electronic.

Before I sign off: thank you to all who have taken the time to become followers over the past week. The count went from 8 to 108 in just 7 days and anyone who emailed me directly or left a comment has been entered into the draw. Spread the word, tell your friends and remember – it is not too late to sign on. With this tremendous sign of support I am selecting some hand dyed fabrics to add to the draw and increase your chances of winning a prize. More details will follow as I post images of the fabric next week.

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11 thoughts on “Reviewing the Past Week…

  1. Anna, look forward to seeing more art from you and reading your observations.


  2. marginmirror on said:

    Your new piece is stunning. Even before I read your comments on it, I thought, “Ice — frozen lake!” When I was a kid we had a cottage on a bay in the St. Lawrence River southwest of Montreal. We’d go out there in the winter to check on the place, and if conditions were right (not too cold, not too windy), we’d lace on our skates and launch out over the ice, trying to cross the bay. Sometimes we’d be stopped part-way by ice that was more blue than white…water was close to the surface! Your piece (above) reminded me of that — moving water under ice. Beautiful — and thanks for the memory.


  3. Thank you, Shirley! Your comment makes the blogging worthwhile – to inspire creativity is my main goal and you have embraced it beautifully!
    To all others who are following, commenting and creating: I am grateful for your continued support and interest. We have so much more to share and experience. 2012 has just begun and so has my true blogging journey.


  4. Shirley Ryning on said:

    Anna, every day I have been making an art card and loving it. You are so right that a small card is not as intimidating as a large white piece of paper. I am really enjoying it.


  5. Janet Morton on said:

    I thought I would not enjoy your blog as much as your newsletter – I love your blog! Thank you.


  6. artquilter2 on said:


    Thank you for the sneak preview of your latest piece. It looks very interesting! I wish that I could see it in person.

    I have sent in an entry to Oh Canada and am very excited about this opportunity.



  7. Charlene Omelan on said:

    Hi Anna; I look forward to following you on your blog!


  8. Margaret Guest on said:

    I continue to be inspired Anna


  9. Dot Lawrence on said:

    Amazing imagery. I’m really enjoying your postings.


  10. Shirley Mathieson on said:

    Love your new piece that you shared with us!! Can’t wait to see it in person sometime!!


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