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Inspired to Create!

I don’t purchase many paper magazines anymore (since I discovered eMagazines on my iPad 2). The Winter 2012 edition of Art Quilting Studio landed in my hands as a result of the kind and generous gesture by my friend Linda. She had purchased a copy in December and then received the identical issue in her Christmas stocking – I was thrilled to be the lucky recipient of her extra copy!

I have been turning the pages with excited anticipation and am rewarded with rich layouts in color and print as I make my way through the publication. The articles vary and offer something for every skill level and interest. From “Quilting a World of Color” by Mary Jo Bowers to “Fiber Art Travel Maps” with Valerie S. Goodwin to “Creative Girl Art Quilts” by Carrie Payne, to name just a few articles and contributing artists, this copy is bursting with creative possibilities  sure to make your fingers itch. 144 pages of artist profiles, amazing photography and insightful essays this magazine will be close to my favorite space on the couch for some time.

After watching a documentary covering the history of the Helvetica font recently the article “Words & Color: Bethan Ash” by Amanda Crabtree especially caught my eye. During my City & Guilds art education I was drawn to using fonts in various applications. Bethan Ash’s focus on words and strong color struck a chord with me and the Q & A interview was captivating and informative at the same time.

I am far from finished with this magazine and felt compelled to share my excitement with you. As promised, book and magazine reviews will be a part of the blog, much like I had a column designated to the subject when I published my newsletter. This is your first little taste! Hope you like it.

For more info you may want to check out the Art Quilting Studio link.


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2 thoughts on “Inspired to Create!

  1. I have this one as well, and am loving reading it from cover to cover!!


  2. Susan Easton on said:

    I have this particular magazine too, Anna. I share your excitement. I find this magazine quite inspiring and I hope to try out a few new techniques.


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