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Artlet Update!

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It’s the last day of January and time to share my early morning artmaking activity. As pledged at the beginning of the month, I was to create an Artlet each day, spending no more than 15 minutes on my mini creation. I am happy to report that I kept the promise to myself and spent a few minutes playing with card stock luggage tags, paint, stamps, letter templates, embossing powder and gun, stickers and special pens to transform a plain luggage tag into a mini art journal page. The back was left blank for a brief journal entry relevant to that day or the feature word.

The slideshow contains all 31 Artlets plus the cover for the month of January. I used grunge board with acrylic ink for this cover to obscure the neutral gray I was not too fond of. Creating each creative expression was a lot of fun and set the tone for the day. Photographing, resizing and uploading the images took quite a bit of time but was worth the effort when I look at this post. Grab your coffee or tea and sit back – the slide show takes a while to scroll through.

And here is just a little insight into the inspiration for the Artlet collection for January 2012: It became apparent on January 1st that I was drawn to words which subsequently became my focus. Each day my interest was sparked by a quote or a word that was derived from writing morning pages, my personal thoughts or my calendar of quotes. Words also play an important part in my art practice. Words to inspire may come from a poem or song, the combination of colors of a hand dyed fabric, a dream or an idea that occurred during a long solitary walk.

More about this at a later date. For now enjoy the slide show and feel free to share the link to this post with friends. Oh yes, I can already hear the question: What will be the inspiration for February? Look at the last Artlet for January for a hint – the topic will be the color RED. Words may or may not play a pivotal role…

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8 thoughts on “Artlet Update!

  1. Linda Burton on said:

    How lovely, that we can fit an “artlet” into a small space, a “do-able” amount of time. Gives me something to think about for my teaching in my Grade 10 English classes — each day, a little something, that each student makes. My timing would be end-of-the-school-day, because I always have them in the last period each day. I’ll let you know how it works. Linda


    • Linda, that is a great idea! The Artlet seems to have caught on. Whether it marks the beginning, the end or the middle of the day – spending 10 – 15 minutes on an Artlet would be a wonderful experience for anyone. Maybe the students will focus on a special passage of the book they are reading or a quote from their teacher – sometimes just one word can spark the idea for the Artlet. I look forward to progress reports!


  2. good for you doing a little art piece each day!
    I love the ‘future unfolds’


  3. ginger scott on said:

    You are an impressive artist! I love the term “art practice”. Thanks again for the inspiration.


  4. …am liebsten würde ich sie ausdrucken, ausschneiden und an einer Schnur in mein Zimmer hängen….wonderful, your thoughts each day, Anna!!…
    🙂 Janna from Bavaria


  5. Cathy Willoughby on said:

    Love them all Anna but especially the zipper!


  6. Katina on said:

    So creative. How do I slow them down to read each one.


    • Wow! What a great way to start the day. Got any suggestions for those of us who are NOT morning people? I can only hope to be as creative as you are when my face only wakes up around 11. I can make art into the wee hours of the night but I am stupid until double digits the next day. And everyone knows that early is NEVER pretty around here.

      Your artlets are lovely little inspiring gems. Keep it up.


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