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Wishful Thinking: Yearning for a Return to Toronto

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A phone call from a close friend in Toronto early Monday brought up fond memories of my time spent in, what we in Canada lovingly refer to as, “the center of the universe.” Several days of teaching in March of 2010 were augmented with museum visits and forging new friendships. A truly special time to remember.

My yearning for a repeat trip to Toronto is strong for several good reasons: Our daughter moved to the “big city” about a month ago. In addition I have made some great friends during my time spent there, and I just found out that I am missing out on a fantastic opportunity to participate in a workshop presented by a dear friend and fellow teacher I know from QBL. Judi Warren Blaydon will be teaching for York Heritage Quilt Guild this month. Her workshops are sought after and well presented, a superb teacher who has a wealth of experience and so much to share.

I am attaching the information I received from my friend. If you live in or near Toronto make sure to consider the Judi Warren-Blaydon workshop and pass on a hug and my greetings to Judi – but most of all: Enjoy!!!

Please note: You do not have to be a member of York Heritage Quilt Guild and there are a few select spots left. Don’t delay – sign up today (and “no”, I am not getting a kick back. I just live vicariously through you!)

Last chance to sign up for Judi Warren Blaydon’s workshops on the use of transparencies and the importance of value and its effect on your work.

York Heritage Quilters Guild                               Click on Newsletter/January for complete details on how to proceed with workshop sign up and get more information.

Tuesday February  21 :      Judi Warren Blaydon    Presentation Lecture                                         

     Workshop I:   Monday February 20    


Large scale versions of the familiar quilt block, Drunkard’s Path, are clustered in multiples to suggest the quadrants of the moon…interrupted, obscured and altered by a sweep of mist that floats across the surface.  Judi shows how to do this with value!  The resulting airy and atmospheric illusion enriches this classic design by adding dimension, depth, light and content.  The use of transparency, expressive color, light and contrasts in value allow your fabrics to state content that is lyrical, celestial and inventive.                                      

            Workshop II:  Tuesday February 21

    YOU LIKE TOMATO and I LIKE TOMATO:                                                          INDIVIDUAL STYLES = DIVERSE SOLUTIONS 

Judi will guide you through an exploration of the importance of value in fabric choices for all quilters in this one day version of You Like Tomato I Like Tomato.  Your individual fabric stashes and intuitive choices to express a favorite style, mood or theme through COLOR, CONTENT and COMBINATIONS will personalize each of your responses to an identical compositional diagram:  an asymmetrical pieced block AND grey scale guide which will show the relationship of values within your composition.

The design format [containing NO tomato imagery] will be revealed when you arrive at the workshop.   The character and content of your fabrics will reflect an era and traditional or innovative design.

The end of the workshop you will reveal a collection of distinctive blocks and a new or greater awareness of your own personal style.


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