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Early Morning Inspiration

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What does a morning person look like? I have asked myself that question often as I am not labeled a Morning Person around our home. However, I want to take the opportunity to set the record straight:

I might not be the picture of energetic enthusiasm at 6: 30 a. m. on my way to the studio. It all changes gradually as I embark on small creative tasks attempting to set the tone for the new day. The crowning event of this early morning routine is the privilege of witnessing a rich and color infused sunrise on clear days.

I treasure watching the gradual changes beginning with the first hesitant pale yellow light illuminating a small area in the vast indigo sky to the east. With the earth’s perpetual movement the sun light intensifies at a steady pace soon painting the sky a radiant orange and eventually moving into deep red. It is confirmed:  The day has begun. Such a rich color show announcing the beginning of the day reinforces my positive outlook and generates creative energy that is limitless.

Thank you for joining me today as I share images from different days sending some creative energy your way. May it have the same affect on your day as it has on mine!

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6 thoughts on “Early Morning Inspiration

  1. Betty G on said:

    Love the skyline – Anna you are an amazing lady and you deserve all the success you have achieved.


  2. Hi Anna,
    I have had a similar experience as you , with Julia’s book, “The Artist Way”. Years ago I worked through it and I remember that at first I did not know what I would write 10 pages about so began to plan my first large wolf quilt ! I completed the book (and the quilt) and both were among my favourites. Over the years, I too, made an attempt to ‘do’ this book again , withoput success.
    I also bought her book ,”Finding Water’, began it some time ago but did not continue with it . There just does not seem to be enough time in my life , but it might be a matter of priorities. On the other hand , you just might have inspired me to have another look. Are you actually doing the ten morning pages every day?


    • Hello Joyce,
      There may be your problem with feeling a little overwhelmed by “The Artist’s Way”: you write three pages (not 10) in longhand on 8 1/2 x 11″ pages. I found a lined journal at the $ store and am using that. I also use my favorite fountain pen which glides across the page beautifully. The sound of the pen gliding over crisp paper is the sound I associate with early mornings and waking up completely. The writing is just that, brain drain and does not to be earth shattering or Pulitzer Prize worthy… What is does for me, it resolves issues and does away with small worries that interfere with my creative process. The more I write the more I find new ideas emerging. Hope you can revisit the “Artist’s Way” or any other book by Julia Cameron. It does take discipline but I also find I get a lot more accomplished in the course of my day. I have been thinking of starting a “creative cluster” on-line. Email me when you recommit to morning pages and want encouragement to follow through.


  3. gardenontheridge on said:

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw “last newsletter” I do enjoy reading them, and worried that it was the last. Glad to see it isn’t so!

    We have recently added a sunroom to our house, and I look forward to new vistas in the early morning, too, of our green backyard and beautiful morning skies.

    Hope you remember staying here when you were in Victoria and that promise I made of a personalized tour of Craigdarroch’s windows is always there. I know you’d find them inspiring.
    Best wishes,


    • Hi Joan,
      So nice of you to comment! Of course I remember your offer to give me a personal tour. One of these days I will return to Victoria. This year most of my travels will take me east… Do stay in touch and when you see my schedule taking me West again get in touch to streamline our schedules!


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