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Perseverance Pays Off!

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January 22nd saw me uploading images and descriptions in time for the call for entry to the  O Canada!  juried exhibition at IQF Cincinnati in April. You may recall my expression of frustration in the blog post of the day. Well, it was all worth it: Great news arrived via email a couple of days ago and yesterday I sent my work off to the collection point in Houston, TX.

I understand that Breathtaking Beauty and First Iceberg are part of a 26 piece juried exhibition honoring Canada. Since my entries are available to travel I will not see them again till Christmas! If you are in Cincinnati, OH for the International Spring Quilt Festival look for them. The work will travel to various IQF venues throughout the US till they finish in Houston in November 2012.  I am thrilled that my entries were chosen! Thanks for letting me share the great news.

Here are the statements of the work to provide a little bit of background:

Breathtaking Beauty: La Roche Perce, Quebec ©2009

The perfect view bathed in the light of the setting sun… I could not have asked for a better spot for overnight camping when navigating the Gaspe Peninsula. La Roche Perce is a favorite subject for calendar photographers but to experience it in person leaves one searching for words. (31″ h x 42″ w)

First Iceberg off the Bonavista Peninsula, Newfoundland ©2009

During a coast-to-coast trip across Canada in 2008 my goal was to seek out my first iceberg when we arrived in Newfoundland. I was rewarded when we arrived at the most northern tip of the Bonavista Peninsula:

Deep respect for the natural forces at hand and overwhelming excitement are the two emotions when spotting one’s first iceberg… no matter how far in the distance it passes by… (27” h x 43”)


Watch for the next post on Sunday: I will issue a challenge that was inspired by one of this blog’s followers… This challenge will be interactive!

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19 thoughts on “Perseverance Pays Off!

  1. Maxine Turner on said:

    Awesome work!I loved your presentation on the quilt show this week. Just admiring your work from Newfoundland. I was born and raised just 10 miles from there. Cape Bonavista has always been a great place to take visitors when they visited me.I grew up with the ocean across the street from me . I love quilting and you have inspired me to try new experiences with my ideas.


    • Maxine, thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and comment. I am hoping to return to Newfoundland sometime in the future. I visited twice in 2008 and Newfoundland is still one of my favorite places in the world! Cape Bonavista is magical – and Paradise Campground just south of town was the place I captured the most amazing sunset images.


  2. Such talent, congrats. I am envious of your determination. I think I will hunt down my copy of the Artist’s Way and give it another go. Have been doing “morning pages” for many years now.


  3. Carol Boyer on said:

    You go girl! It is great when we get rewarded for what we love to do.
    Keep Creating! Hugs



  4. Congrats Anna !
    Also, on the topic of the Artist’s Way which we spoke of the other day , I am not certain if this is the place to continue that conversation or not . I will admit that I cannot find the initial place .
    Anyway thank you so very much for reminding me that the pages # was 3 and not the 10 that I had stuck in my mind . I have pulled the book and this will be my 3rd time at it . The first was in 1997 and the last 2006. I have to say though ,that my reason for doing so, has never been that I felt blocked. Val Hearder was the one who recommended it in the beginning . It was a good experience and brought my creativity and my love of God closer together . For that reason I am beginning once again and I hope to find a balance between these two things that define who I am .


    • Hello Joyce! Enjoy the journey – sounds to me that we have traveled the path of the Artist’s Way at the same time twice before… Let’s see where it leads this time. I am not “blocked” – I use the exercises and morning pages to refocus and gain insights to complex issues. It works every time!


  5. Thanks everyone! Exciting times!


  6. Hi Anna … Congratulations! When you posted, I also entered and have two pieces in the show. Both were made for the Vancouver Cherry Festivals … 2010 and 2011.


  7. Bonnie Mactaggart on said:

    I toast you Anna, your work is wonderful. Take care


  8. ekhaugli on said:

    Congratulations, Anna. Both of the pieces are beautiful, but I’m especially drawn to “First Iceberg”. Beautifully done!


  9. Shirley Mathieson on said:

    Congratulation Anna, They are both beautiful and represent our country spectcularly!!!!


  10. Congratulations! It’s especially nice that someone celebrates this wonderful country through art.


  11. Linda Dirkson on said:

    Wonderful Anna! “First Iceberg” has always been one of my favorites. How fortunate for us your father came to “Canada” with his family!


  12. Thanks Alexandra, I am very excited!


  13. Alexandra McKeever. on said:

    Congratulations! That is exciting news.


  14. Thanks, Alice! These two pieces are my favorite Canadian reflections and constitute part of my 2009 / 2010 solo exhibition.


  15. Alice Brody on said:

    What great news! Congratulations, and of course, the pieces are lovely. Wouldn’t expect anything else.


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