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Leap Year Musings

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Get ready: Tomorrow will be what I call “Your Bonus Day.” We have steadily worked toward it, saved six hours a year for the past four years and it is finally here! February 29th is special, whether you celebrate a birthday on that day or just have the privilege to cross it off the calendar: It deserves to be recognized, honored and celebrated! Essentially a leap year offers us the gift of time – an extra day. Much like a monetary gift saving the hours for this day was out of our control. We know it is coming and it means that the weekdays for the 28 days of February and March are not going to be identical that particular year. But who worries nowadays? We have iPhone, iPads and computers that are synced in the iCloud without much effort on our part and therefore we don’t have to concern ourselves with the shift of days.

I must admit that until this year I had accepted February 29th every four years as just another day, remembering to count the days of that year as 366. Why am I suddenly thinking about the significance? It may be attributed to my serious attempt to journal throughout 2012 in various ways. I keep this blog, faithfully write morning pages and create daily Artlets (remember these? Yes, I am still creating an Artlet a day and will be posting the February lot soon!).

I plan to honor February 29th, 2012: I want to mark this day with creative exploration (fondle more fabric and threads or maybe finally start my four indigo dye vats planned since December 2011), do some reflective reading, share my personal abundance via KIVA and enjoy a steaming cappuccino and home-made treat. It’s not my birthday but it’s a “gifted” day!

And with this in mind I invite you to join me in making this February 29th a day to remember! Let these wise words inspire you. Albert Einstein saidImagination is more important than knowledge” and Jean-Jacques Rousseau shared The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”

Are you up to the challenge? What will you be doing tomorrow? Leave your comment and feel free to share this invitation with friends and family!

Please note: the two models featured in today’s Leap Year Musings blog entry were treated with utmost respect. They were released immediately after their photo sessions into my friend Joan’s bountiful gardens and our lush lawn respectively.

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11 thoughts on “Leap Year Musings

  1. they look like they were great models, nice shots. and nice way of thinking of the February 29th, as a bonus day. should be a holiday when you think of it like that


    • Thanks for the feedback! Yes, February 29th a holiday is a great idea and there is nothing stopping us to celebrate it as such. I am going to designate it a holiday for 2016. Let’s start a movement!


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  3. I am visiting with a new quilting friend. Hoping she can help me solve the mystery of a panel I thread painted, that has developed ripples. Too much thread. She has a long arm machine, so maybe, she can add some quilting and stretch it out. Sun is supposed to be shining so driving won’t be an issue.


  4. I love Feb 29th, and frogs- always have! This year, I chose to work on the 29th (usually I am off on Wednesdays), so that I may be free to attend a weekend course in encaustics. :-))


  5. I’m planning to take a yoga class in the morning, a great way to open the body and the mind. Then I want to begin a challenge quilt for one of my guilds – not sure yet if it will be the ‘self portrait’ challenge of the ‘novel idea’ challenge.


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