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After last week’s scheduled second workshop session “From Inspiration to Design” had to be cancelled due to the first blizzard of the winter a smaller group of students gathered in my studio yesterday.

Short tutorials started the day off and provided me with a good overview of where everyone stood in relation to the exercises presented in class and the homework that was assigned five weeks ago.  Only a few minutes into each person’s feedback session I was very excited. The work that was unveiled to me is very promising. Soon everyone gathered in the classroom and we began by sharing. The slide show today provides a good overview of some of the designs created by each participant based on their personal source of inspiration. The objective in class 1 was recognizing line and shape, exploring the grey scale and noting value.

Yesterday we moved into positive/negative space distribution, counterchange, exploring colour, creating circle designs and introducing Fibonacci principles. I can’t wait to see everyone’s work in three weeks. The homework list is long but I trust that everyone will embrace the new challenges while creating their own one-of-a-kind designs. Each participant has quickly recognized the importance of playing rather than working. The design exercises have already become an integral part of these students’ creative development.



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10 thoughts on “Where Creative Minds Gather

  1. Seeing your photos makes me very envious of those who live close enough to you to take such an inspiring class. Have you thought about offering it on line?


    • B. J. you are not the first suggesting the online option for taking a class. I am considering it for the future but with my extra slow internet connection via satellite at this time it would be a somewhat frustrating experience. I am working on developing pod casts and editing the handouts for the design courses to possibly present them online in the future. On a personal note: Having taken both, classes with an informed instructor and long-term classes on line, I maintain that the optimal learning environment is in a classroom situation where you glean ideas and concepts from fellow students and therefore broaden your understanding of design concepts cooperatively. But, never say never, I am open to the idea and concept of teaching on line. I need time to work out the details and will keep you posted on the developments. Thanks for bringing up the topic!


      • Nan Williams on said:

        I have a few thoughts about the online option, as I am in the middle of an online Creative Quiltmaking course with the Kemshalls. I am currently living in Germany, and have found it very difficult to find people who are as interested in Art Quilting, as i am. There are many wonderful artquilters in Germany, it’s just hard to find them and then get accepted by them, especially with my lack of proficiency in the language. So, my comments are definitely affected by my situation.

        I am truly enjoying the class & although I agree with Anna that you do glean ideas from other students in a ‘live’ class, I find that I am more easily able to come up with, and develop, my own ideas when I am in my own little bubble. No doubt, it says a lot about me and my level of confidence, but I find it very freeing to know that if I am not happy with something I do, I simply don’t send it in to my tutor & I can try again, as many times as I wish. The total lack of competition or judgment lets me simply play & I find that I am much happier with the results that way.

        I sometimes feel that I am overly influenced by others in workshops – I like to call it the “Why didn’t I think of that” syndrome.

        I do enjoy doing live workshops, and have had some wonderful teachers, including Anna. In fact, I am going all the way to Montana this summer to attend a Sue Benner class, and I think the preparation work that I am doing through the online course will stand me in good stead.

        I guess the bottom line for me is that there are benefits to online courses that might not seem obvious. Having said that, I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be for Anna, without high speed internet, so I guess we’ll all just have to wait a while for her to enter the online course arena.


      • Thanks for the personal insights, Nan! I do appreciate this feedback as it helps me move along with future plans to teach online!


  2. jhimsl on said:


    I’m still floating after yesterday’s class. Light bulbs are going off about the usefulness of a sketch pad. I’m particularily excited about seeing the progression you took to create the exquisite purple bag. I was in awe after seeing it the first time and couldn’t begin to understand how you could imagine the many cool features you’ve incorporated into it’s construction. After yesterdays class I’m beginning to think “Hey, I can do something like that too”

    I have seeds planted now but no doubt they’ll mutate after one more class. I can hardly wait to see where you’ll guide us in the next few months.


  3. betsey kuzia on said:

    Love hearing about your workshop, Anna. I spent the day working on my sewing room and took some pictures in the midst of the work. I should run up and take some of the current state of things as I am slowly but surely making progress!!

    The key was to just dedicate a big block of time, roll up my sleeves and dive in.

    Betsey in sunny but windy Albany NY


  4. Shirley Mathieson on said:

    Looks like the class was an inspirational and fun time. Can’t wait for the next one to see everyone’s creativeness!!


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