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It’s Time… To Cast YOUR Vote!

I am commemorating the special announcement below by sharing a first glimpse at Give Me Time Forever III. It is my contribution to the SAQA Best of the West Traveling Trunk Show, that officially starts touring in June 2012.

And here is why I am excited today: Do you remember my January 12th interview? Just because some of you had nominated me online as one of the most inspiring quilt teachers for 2011 I was selected as one of the teachers to be featured. I am still flying high (so to speak) and ever so grateful to those who deemed me worthy of the nomination. My special interview will feature a step-by-step lesson using recycled materials, just in case you are still hesitating on whether you should check out this first ever event. Here is a little more info:

In just one day the “Inspired To Quilt” Online Quilt Expo will be opening their doors for what is shaping up to be a very exciting event for all of us textile/fiber artists and designers. Who would have thought, even just a few years ago, that something like this would be possible?

I don’t think our traditional quilt shows are going to go anywhere anytime soon, but being able to meet up with quilters from all around the world; getting to participate in all of the presentations, demonstrations and being able to (virtually) stroll through the quilt exhibits and vendor booths…right from our homes??? That’s just too cool!

This is your reminder to ensure you are registered so you don’t miss out. The event is free to attend, you just need to sign up. Imagine: No travel, braving icy roads, blizzards, paying for parking and walking countless miles to take it all in. You can enjoy the event from the comfort of your armchair easily moving the mouse and lingering at a quilt, a vendor’s booth without getting bumped or pushed aside… Utopia? No more! Make it your reality today:

Here’s the free link one more time. Why not click on it right now, sign up, and check out the possibilities!

And after your visit come back and leave a comment to share with other readers. I really appreciate your continued support and look forward to your feedback!
I sincerely hope to see you all at the virtual quilt show from March 7th to  10th!
Warm regards, Anna

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8 thoughts on “It’s Time… To Cast YOUR Vote!

  1. Joyce on said:

    Hi Anna,
    This sounds great but …I am somewhat leery of signing up for things on the web. Will this mean I will constantly get mailings trying to entice me to buy quilt related things ?


    • Joyce, I am under the impression that the online quilt expo is a limited engagement for the next four days. If you receive any other notices after that there should be an unsubscribe option with every email. Sign up is free and if you decide you don’t enjoy the event you can quickly unsubscribe. Hope this helps!


  2. I’ve spread the word on my blog for you, Anna!


  3. Janna, die Austellung ist auf dem Internet! Da kannst Du auf dem Link clicken und Dich registrieren. Das is alles ohne Kosten fuer Dich. Versuche es mal!


  4. Just registered and can’t wait to check out the online expo! And what a beautiful piece. I’m working on some collage pieces with soaring eagles… this makes me want to get them finished.


  5. Janna on said: leider ein bissi zu weit, liebe Anna – von Oberbayern bis zur Ausstellung! aber icj lese immer deine newsletter – und drück die Daumen!!!…alles Liebe von der…:-) Janna


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