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The Importance of Networking

It’s spring and with it the calls for entry and invitations to local quilt shows are arriving. An early morning phone call from Elizabeth Spannring of La Center, WA brought with it a request to help spread the word. The reason for her call was the the Pacific West Quilt Show used to extend its call for entry only into Alberta. As of two years ago Saskatchewan is now part of the region. A Canadian board member at the time worked hard to include Saskatchewan. Low and behold – the call went out and nobody from our fair province accepted it last year. The organizers were a little disappointed.I am doing my part – spreading the word… or as the professional term is coined: Networking! Let’s show some effort, Saskatchewan! We have very talented and accomplished quilters in this province, spread the word and consider entering!

Here are the Call for Entries and the 2012 Mail-In Contest Entry Form. Have a look and consider participating! Please spread the word at your local quilt guild meetings and share the information with your friends.

I met Elizabeth Spannring last year in London while co-instructing the Canadian Quilt Judging Certification Programme under CQA/ACC. Elizabeth is an accomplished quilter and long-time judge in the US. She felt that the Canadian Judging Certification Programme is invaluable and despite her vast experience in the quilt judging arena found the Canadian Certification comprehensive and full of new information.

Since we are on the topic of networking: My website paid off once again! I had a very excited quilt shop owner from Yorkton, SK call me yesterday. She found me through the Wonderfil website while ordering threads to restock the shelves. She came across my name and the fact that I live in the province. Long story short: I am booked for a trunkshow and workshop for mid-October.

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4 thoughts on “The Importance of Networking

  1. 3 acceptances in one week — that is amazing!!!! I just want to say that applying to a show for entry involves a jury process by usually 3 judges. They have only photos to go by so their job is most difficult. The other thing I want to convey is that a rejection is only the opinion of these 3 people. Try again in a different show and the outcome may be different. I got a rejection this week on a piece of clothing. I disagree with the jury committee’s opinion and since I am the one to be wearing the item, I don’t take it personally!


    • Thanks for the background info on jurying and judging, Karen. The scenario you are describing is certainly the way CQA/ACC conducts their NJS preparations. It is important to keep in mind that each organizer standards and procedures vary and we can’t generalize. This is why it so important to read the entry guidelines carefully and follow them to a T. This is the advice I took home after attending a panel discussion with the three jury members from Quilt National 2009. These jurors are also the judges and base their award decisions solely on the images submitted.


  2. Now THAT is networking 🙂 I’ll have to check out the call—3 acceptances this week for other shows, so time to be brave and try the rest!


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