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Open to Change…

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… Seasonal Change that is.

While I am away teaching and judging I thought I would schedule a short post sharing some images of my surroundings. I live at a lake (for those of you who are new to my blog) and this past winter we had “only” 5 months of ice covering the water (usually it is closer to 7 months). I don’t engage in activities like ice fishing or skidooing but I have been known to strap on my cross country skis to navigate the snow covered ice. Last winter the icy surface was never hidden with soft snow and I opted to walk along the shore instead.

This opened my eyes to the changes the ice undergoes. The most exciting variations in the ice were captured at the very beginning of the cold season (you can see images in earlier blog posts) and just before the ice disappeared last week. Sit back and enjoy the images in this slide show. My brain is working overtime while I review what I captured only days ago!

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6 thoughts on “Open to Change…

  1. I found your blog today via the Saskatoon Quilt Guild – but earlier today I drove thru your lake area on my way to and from Moose Jaw (live in Aberdeen).
    I love the hills and valleys and the changes of seasons on the prairies. I’ll be back to explore your blog site again.


  2. Joyce on said:

    Hi Anna,
    I have noticed that when it comes to wandering with a camera and being captivated by beautiful natural sights that we come upon , we are kindred spirits ! I envy your life on a lake , but my summers are spent in like manner and lots of magic is there to behold. Lake Superior is right here for the capturing as well. This is a true blessing in my life ! thanks for sharing .


  3. Cathy Willoughby on said:

    Fascinating shapes and textures Anna. I live near a creek and have taken many pictures of the ice formations and the animal tracks. This winter I watched the beavers built and rebuild a dam. All this in the middle of the 9th largest city in Canada.


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