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Great Reasons to Visit Winnipeg!

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… And in my case they are:
To judge the Manitoba Prairie Quilters’ Guild  Quilt Reflections 2012 show, teach a workshop, connect with old friends, forge new friendships and tour the city before sunset! – just to mention a few…
I am not quite unpacked from my five days in Winnipeg but felt that I needed to keep my promise and share some images of my wonderful time in Manitoba’s capital city. Hope you enjoy the slideshow today.
Nearly two years ago Wanda Steiner approached and invited me to be part of the 2012 quilt show. Today I am reflecting on Quilt Reflections 2012! What a busy week it has been but the memories are wonderful. I had the privilege to judge some amazing traditional and innovative quilts all day Thursday last week. Reaching decisions when awarding prizes is never easy as there are always fewer ribbons than entries. After nearly 10 hours of deliberation and examination the four judges reached the unanimous decision for Best in Show.
Friday was our day off but which provided time to meet with Manitoba SAQA members and those interested in joining. I believe the Manitoba membership will be increasing shortly! Thanks every one for making time!
Saturday and Sunday I spent in class with 15 participants and visitors checking out what  might be evolving behind closed doors just beyond the hotel’s dining room. The smiles were big – as you can probably tell from some of the images – and participants embraced stepping out of the box with “Layers of Intrigue.”
Imagine my surprise when two of my students invited me on a whirlwind tour of the city before sunset and dinner. It was the perfect ending to an inspirational week!
Thank you Winnipeg! I will be back soon and plan to check out the Museum of Human Rights, scheduled to open in 2014! And thanks to all the volunteers of Quilt Reflections 2012! You each deserve a “Point of Praise” – check back soon for more about Winnipeg and points of praise! It’s time to unpack and regroup!

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6 thoughts on “Great Reasons to Visit Winnipeg!

  1. What a lovely slide show of Winnipeg!
    The quilt show was fantastic.


  2. Katina on said:

    Winnipeg was my home from the age of two until I married. And then again for a few years later. Lots of fond memories, and many relatives still there. Thanks for the pictures of the old and new of the city. Looks like your class was one I would have enjoyed.


    • Katina – I had a fantastic time in Winnipeg and it is always great to see that I captured images near and dear to those that have left the place of their childhood and youth!
      “Layers of Intrigue” is indeed a workshop that is popular and generates enthusiasm. I have a class of 20 in Medicine Hat this coming weekend!


  3. Debbie Tyson on said:

    Hi Anna I am glad you had a great trip to Winnipeg. Even though I have lived in Edmonton for more than twenty years and it is most definately “home”, I still have a great love and connection to Winnipeg where I grew up. And even though I return to Winnipeg once or twice a year, it was great to see your photos. Glad your workshop went well, I certainly enjoyed it when I took it last time in Edmonton. Have a gentle day.


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