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Retreating while Teaching Kantha


It’s Sunday and the Saskatoon Quilters Retreat will end later today. I was invited to teach my popular Kantha class and together my six students and I have explored the Kantha outline stitch, circles, swirls and various combinations of running stitches. The grey day made it easy to stay indoors – but just before sunset the lake calmed down and a gentle reflection of sunlight through the clouds brought the promise of better weather.

This is my first post via my iPhone – please forgive any possible technical difficulties. I shall correct them once I return from Cedar Lodge on scenic Blackstrap Lake near Saskatoon.

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4 thoughts on “Retreating while Teaching Kantha

  1. Love the different tones of grey. Gorgeous photo.


  2. It was a GREAT weekend and the view from my classroom was what I captured in the image!


  3. Sounds like an interesting and creatively stimulating weekend. Great photo, by the way!


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