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April Artlet Update

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What a month April has been! Continuing with the daily Artlets proved not as easy as I had anticipated – it took serious focus and commitment: April marked the beginning of my “travel to teach” schedule with trips to Winnipeg, Medicine Hat and Saskatoon. Not only did I have to pack my personal suitcase it also involved preparing kits, handouts and various supplies. I traveled by plane, by bus and by car and each takes special consideration.


The Artlets this month reflect my lack of focus. I decided to pack light with my fountain drawing pen, along with a few pencil crayons. The biggest obstacle to overcome was finding a quiet place and a few short minutes to focus long enough to put some lines on the pre-painted tag… While the Artlets are less complex I am happy that I persevered and can look back on 1/4 of the year of completed Artlets without missing a day!
April also saw my design students return to my studio classroom for a brief session of sharing and consultation. I took quite a few photos and will follow up with a post later this week.

A new computer added interest and the transfer of files took a little longer than anticipated. It appears I am up and running (almost) flawlessly… I have to source a new version of Photoshop Elements!

Artlets for May will continue – I am debating between inspirational quotes and collage… Check back in early June to find out which path I will choose!

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10 thoughts on “April Artlet Update

  1. Judithkh on said:

    Anna I have been forgetting to tell you how very much I appreciate your delightful April artlets. Your observations from the road,airplanes,and hotels have been so very ‘artfully’ transmuted into a whimsical visual travelogues. Simple things such as scissors on a table, an Easter Bunny, branches on a tree are portrayed so simply but invitingly. As for the phantasmagorical figures, well they are just the greatest for tweaking my big smiles. That you managed to keep producing them daily despite a very busy travelling schedule certainly shows us all how artlets can be done anywhere, anytime under just about any circumstances. Thank you. These have been my favourites among all that you have done.


    • Thank you, Judith! April was a challenge to stay on top of producing the Artlets. Stay tuned for May…


    • Katina on said:

      I agree with Judith. You tweak my imagination and get me excited about what I do. Thank you for that. And welcome to Nova Scotia. looks like a cloudy, rainy week unfortunately. But the ocean breezes beckon. Peggy’s Cove was glorious yesterday. See you somewhere at Quilt Canada.


      • Thanks for the feedback on the Artlets and the personal welcome to Halifax and Nova Scotia. Rainy weather suits me fine as the entire week is booked with work! Looking forward to seeing you around campus.


  2. Darla on said:

    Anna – do you have an original post with information on the quidelines you’ve established for this great ‘arty’ habit?


  3. Katina on said:

    I’m always amazed at your sticktooitness….and the ideas. I actually felt as though I could follow your adventures through your art. I recognized several of the “places”. Question, do you use a hoop when doing hand work. I am about to attempt to handquilt a flower panel. Not sure what to do but once I start it may become apparent. Piece is about three by five feet.


    • Thanks, Katina! Did you see the bus window Artlets? These originated from my trip across the prairies during the day and at night… Gotta take the ideas wherever they may be found!
      Answer to your question: Yes, I would recommend a hoop to do the hand quilting. Too much can happen when you have such a large piece to manipulate. With flowers you may want to start with echo quilting lines. Without seeing an image it is hard to provide more suggestions. Happy quilting! Don’t forget to baste – it works better than pinning when using a hoop.


  4. Gwen from California on said:

    I very much enjoy your artlets – keep up the good work!


    • Thanks, Gwen! They are a great way to squeeze a few minutes of creativity into each day – I will continue with the Artlets, one New Year’s resolution that keeps me going…


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