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Design Workshop Update

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Last week Wednesday an eager group of design students gathered for a few hours of sharing and feedback – a great opportunity to see what has been happening in everyone’s studio since we last met.

I was speechless, partly due to a severe cold – but mostly because of what was unfolding right before my eyes! I am so proud of my eight design students who have embraced a study subject of their choice, long lists and hours of homework exercises to emerge with confidence and inspiration for years to come!

This last session was scheduled to ensure nobody struggles on their own and to provide help where it was necessary. Let me assure you – no input from me was required! Students freely shared their projects, line journals and ideas. They were able to guide one another and provide suggestions without hesitation after careful consideration. I am PROUD – much like a parent who sees her children graduate from highschool and venture off into the world!

There will be an opportunity to view the work my students produced in person. I am presently planning an Open Studio for the weekend of June 22 through 24th. More details to follow! Mark your calendar now and come out to see what is happening in my studio when creative minds gather…

I do hope you enjoy today’s slide show with a sneak preview of what awaits you in my studio in June!

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8 thoughts on “Design Workshop Update

  1. Katina on said:

    Have you, or would you consider a class like this via the internet. Either on DVD or some other means. It truly is you that brings the class alive, although a written version that could be purchased might be exciting too.


    • Katina, you are not the first to suggest an internet based course. As I have told several others: I am not discounting this possibility yet – however, we live in the country with a less than reliable satellite internet connection. If I teach a workshop via the net I want it to be interactive and unless the internet connection is of top quality I cannot subject the students to the same frustration I experience when simply uploading to this blog or connect with family and friends on Skype.
      I am working on possibilities but a book is not my main goal – besides, I am on the road a lot for teaching and when I have a few days I want to devote my time to my studio practice – the main focus of my life! How can I inspire and teach creativity when I don’t create new work myself?


  2. WOW!!! I am impressed. I wish I lived closer to your creative studio and teaching Anna.


  3. Thanks – the credit goes to the design students! They are very motivated and committed – I just “plant the seed” and they do the magic!


  4. Wow, those designs look stunning – well done to your students and you.


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