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Things to do on a grey day…

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Yesterday was a grey Saturday, a day to slow down and relax, fill the proverbial well or… choose something from your to-do-list, complete it and check it off!

I did all of the above! As you can see from the slide show the lake reflected the color of the sky, the wind was driving waves to the shore and despite the resident pelicans making their rounds high above the sun never broke through the cloud cover.

Life was much more interesting inside the house: Colin and I put the finishing touches on our new kitchen cupboard and breakfast bar:  I grouted the tile and he did his magic to install the secondary sink and hook up the water.

Eventually the studio called. After spending most of the week assembling Kantha kits, weighing and measuring out the various components for the indigo dye kits and cutting fabric I was ready to pack my box for shipping! I am waiting for the revised Kantha Primers to arrive ( I ordered last Monday and they were shipped Friday) before I tape up the box and send it off to Halifax for my upcoming Quilt Canada 2012 workshops.

Looks like I might get a day to create today! I have not touched my sewing machine in a while and there is some hand embellishing to be completed on my last exhibition piece. Time to thread that needle and start stitching… Enjoy your Sunday!

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8 thoughts on “Things to do on a grey day…

  1. Joyce on said:

    Hi Anna,
    Kantha stitching reminds me of Dorothy Caldwell as she did a terrific workshop here at the art gallery a few years back . My main piece, a small one featuring a running rabbit is still waiting to be incorporated into a larger quilt …….I think possibly with a raven . If I was not in the middle of another quilt you just might have inspired me to move the rabbit forward! I love to see your lake shots as they remind me of my summers up in northern Manitoba.


    • Yes, Joyce – Dorothy Caldwell’s work is deeply influenced by Kantha. She and Dr. Sky Morrison traveled throughout India for her research several years ago. My experience and strong interest in Kantha reach back to 1998 when I was researching the technique for my City & Guilds diploma and found very little in books and the internet. This interest was renewed when I had some time last summer and decided to embark on an indepth study of humble running stitch and its countless combinations.


  2. Katina on said:

    Loved the sneak peak of the Kantha kit. Getting so excited to be able to take a class with you again. Your waves remind me of one of the ocean beaches, Queensland, just a fifteen minutes drive from us. A great place to go for a walk and find beach glass in the winter.


    • Hi Katina, I am also looking forward to seeing you again. Only three more weeks till Halifax – a little less for me as I am flying in early to work on the Quilt Certification Programme with Kathleen Bissett.


  3. Judy on said:

    I’m not able to go to Quilt Canada (would love to though). I was wondering if your kit will be available after? I may be going to Central Butte in July and if I do, would there be a chance that I could meet up with you somewhere? Thanks for your inspiration!


    • Judy, I am around during the first two weeks of July and am not far off the route to Central Butte. The kits are usually made up for my workshops only. I do however have the Kantha Primer available for purchase and am happy to walk you through some of the basics of Kantha should we connect.


  4. Darla on said:

    From the slideshow it appears that you have a book on Kantha quilting. Is it available for purchase?


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