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Apple Blossoms, Cacti and Deer – all this in an evening’s walk!

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Yesterday I spent much of my time organizing my studio, scheduling some posts on my photoblog and getting rid of the last of the renovation dust in the house. The weather outside was unpredictable but after several hours in front of the computer I grabbed my iPhone and set out on a much needed walk.

Soon I was completely immersed in the prairie wind, pushing around massive cloud banks and creating white caps on the lake. The clouds obscured the sun off and on and created a murky color on the lake ranging from steel grey to grass green –  a true feast for the senses! I was glad to carry the phone because it has a fairly decent camera enabling me to capture some stunning images.

Along the road I discovered several clusters of cacti, a testament to how dry it gets here during the summer. Most of the trees have leafed out but there is the odd one that is still holding back… Imagine my surprise when I came upon an orchard of apple trees in full bloom! I felt as if I had been magically transported to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia! I just had to leave the road to take in the white blossoms, pink tipped white buds and the sheer abundance of this rare sight in Saskatchewan! The deer that greeted me when I returned home are a daily sight – I just wanted to share this image with you. They are not at all afraid of humans – much to our dismay as it really limits our gardening endeavors…

I walk for fitness but mostly I walk to regroup and organize my thoughts. Yesterday’s sojourn helped to think over the details for my Annual Open Studio Event June 22nd through 24th, 2012. Invitations will be sent out by email shortly and a full blog post will be devoted to the details in plenty of time.

Before I sign off this morning I wanted to say Thank You to all for the support I have received from you,  my blog followers and readers. I have been blogging with WordPress for four months now. During this time I have posted 63 entries (including today’s!), have had 15,509 “hits” and 493 comments! In comparison, my website on average would get 12,000 hits per year and the old blog resulted in few comments, questioning the validity of carrying on with posts. Switching to WordPress has been a fantastic experience. Thank you everyone and keep the comments coming!

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13 thoughts on “Apple Blossoms, Cacti and Deer – all this in an evening’s walk!

  1. quiltrod on said:

    Thank you Anna for the words of encouragement and inspiration with each blog you write!!


  2. Amy on said:

    I love your photos and writing. Do you know the book “If you’re not from the prairie…” by Bouchard and Ripplinger, both from Saskatchewan. Poetic and beautifully illustrated. It speaks to those of us who love the wide open spaces (My mother grew up in the sandhills of Nebraska.) Here in Virginia we have an abundance of deer as well, so my husband put up a deer fence which has protected the gardens…at least from the larger 4-legged creatures!


    • Amy, thank you for the book recommendation – I will be sure to look for it!
      I grew up in the Bavarian Alps and then lived in Calgary for 27 years with the mountains on our doorstep… I never thought I would embrace the prairies with such passion when we moved here nearly five years ago. There is so much to appreciate and discover!


  3. Joyce on said:

    Hi Anna,
    Although I love it here in Thunder Bay , I also have an inborn love of the prairies where I spent summers as a child . I have in the past captured some wonderful images of the huge sunset filled prairie skies.Thank you for the lovely images. I often see deer on my walks right here in the city .What kind of resolution do you get on these photos from your iPhone ?
    I might be in your vacinity sometime late this month or early June .Too bad it was not when your open studio event is on! One of my daughters lives in Regina.
    I am with you on the benefits of walking and carrying a camera .


    • Hi Joyce,
      The iPhone 4S has an 8 MegaPixel camera which works great for general images. I do have some problems with blurry close ups but it beats dragging my DSLR around with me. If you are interested, I spent April using images from my iPhone on my photoblog exclusively. Also the image from April 29th post from Blackstrap Lake was taken with the iPhone.
      Sorry to miss you again during your trip to visit family. I will be in Halifax right around that time.


  4. I had no idea that cacti grow in the wild in Canada. What a wonderful surprise! They really are hardy plants.


  5. Carol Boyer on said:

    It looks like the walk was a good one for you. Thanks for sharing the photos. Being out in nature is always a good stimulator for all of us creative types. Enjoy the wealth of images and the power of nature.



  6. jennleegordon on said:

    There’s cacti in Canada! Who knew?!


    • There are indeed cacti in this country!!! Canada offers just about everything you have to travel far and wide to see in other countries. Southern Saskatchewan has the Cypress Hills (completely bypassed by the last ice age!), the Great Sandhills, cacti, very hot (+ 40 C in the summer), cold (- 30 to – 40 C in the winter), glorious sunshine, amazing cloud formations, the most amazing sunrises and sunsets, sometimes tornadoes…, the Canadian Shield and Boreal Forest in the North and countless lakes! It’s the best kept secret of Canada! I traveled from coast to coast (Pacific to Atlantic) in 2008 and realized that visiting and traveling around Canada takes a lifetime and brings stunning vistas every time the road takes a turn!


  7. Anara Thomas on said:

    Anna: How can we not enjoy the journal entries you share with us–they are so descriptive, colorful and filled with mood. The photos help too. But mostly your thoughts are inspiring. Thanks. Anara from Bellingham, WA.


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