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Toronto Excursion 1: BATA Shoe Museum, Part 1

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I arrived safe and sound in Toronto and ahead of schedule. Navigating the bus and subway system appeared straight forward and it helped that I was met by our daughter’s fiancee immediately after I claimed my luggage.

A quick tour of the house and garden left me free to roam the Annex neighborhood. Bloor and Spadina is definitely the place to be. I ventured into “K”town and found a beautiful paper shop. I will make a point of returning there before the end of the week. While browsing the books, journals and wide variety of papers my phone rang, and to my surprise my friend called and asked if I was up for a visit to the BATA Shoe Museum. Nothing ventured – nothing gained, I was happy to end my day with a little bit of history.

The shoe museum is located on 327 Bloor Street West, only a five minute walk. I was immediately attracted to the architecture of the building and colorful signage. So far so good! Obtaining tickets was swift and the journey began on the lower level where All About Shoes: Footwear Through the Ages guided us from the Ötzi Man to Cinderella’s glass slipper. We traveled the world while admiring footwear from Ancient Egypt to India, traditional Chinese lotus shoes to feather covered ceremonial dance slippers worn by Australia’s aborigines, Shinto priests’ lacquered and padded clogs to rice straw boots that will aid in compacting the snow around people’s dwellings in Northern Japan as well as ballet slippers and early skates from Western Culture.

With less than two hours before closing it was important to us to take in as much of the museum’s exhibits as possible and we soon ventured upstairs. More about the the feature exhibits tomorrow – enjoy the images. Keep in mind that flash photography was not allowed.

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10 thoughts on “Toronto Excursion 1: BATA Shoe Museum, Part 1

  1. Awesome photos! Thanks, Anna. I see you posted at 4 a.m. That confirms my suspicions that you accomplish so much because you never sleep!


    • Glad you enjoyed the images. I have to confess – it was 6 a. m. when I posted, I didn’t change the clock on my computer after arriving here. There are two hours time difference between my home and Toronto. Contrary to popular belief…. I do sleep! ;-)))


  2. Carol Boyer on said:

    The Bata is a great museum. I find the exhibits so very informative. I found I even looked at contemporary shoes with a new vision. Keep your eyes open.


  3. What a wonderful museum!!! I must go next year when we venture down that way.


  4. thanks for sharing! I found the Textile Museum so fascinating I ran out of time for the shoe museum.


    • The Textile Museum is on the agenda next, but since I had visited it a little over two years ago while I was teaching for York Heritage Quilters Guild I was eager to broaden my horizons! I am glad I was able to visit the BATA shoe museum and it will be on my list for next time as well!


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