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Shifting My Focus

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I am taking stock of my skills and I am reevaluating my goals for the future. This was sparked by an extensive interview questionnaire sent to me by the curators of World of Threads. Two full days on the computer, formulating answers to serious questions, sorting through and resizing images that will accompany this on-line interview have provided the focus to evaluate the creative path I am currently traveling on.

In the past, frequent moves (as in: packing all your belongings into boxes, listing and selling your home, finding and buying a new house…) often provided new starting points for me. This time I am not considering a move but I am keenly aware of my shift in interest and presentation of subject matter just during the past six months.

Photography has taken a hold of me and is quickly becoming my great obsession for 2012! The solo exhibition opening this August features my change in direction: I am combining textiles with photography for the first time. The early responses to the work is very positive and has ignited a fire in me that yearns for a time to explore and understand digital photography in a formal setting. I began to share my vision with friends and fellow artists and, lo and behold, an opportunity presented itself!

I have done it! I registered for a photography course at the historical Kenderdine campus at Emma Lake in Northern Saskatchewan. Nearly six days of capturing “the sweet light” at dawn and dusk, seeking reflections of reeds in the water, recording the “big picture” of landscape photography right down to my own interest of focusing on the abstract realism of macro photography. It’s in my future! To make this amazing class even more pertinent, the class time will concentrate on mastering Adobe Photoshop – something I can only embrace by being immersed in an environment that does not distract, and a teacher close by to help with trouble shooting!

I can’t wait! There are still several weeks and a number of commitments that need to be fulfilled. I consider the photography workshop my reward for working hard – and at the same time I know it will be a learning opportunity that is second to none. It’s my next chance to “fill the well!”

What do you do to stay fresh, ignite excitement and continue on your creative path? Feel free to comment and share!

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12 thoughts on “Shifting My Focus

  1. Hi Anna!
    Your photos are looking really good! It’s addicting. Enjoy it! I’m just putting a photo book together this summer. I use photos for the source of my work, but over the years they have seriously outnumbered my fibre art. : )
    Good luck with everything. “If you love the Prairies, the Prairies will love you back” …best quote ever. : )
    Monika K.


    • Hi Monika – yes, I also have used photos as inspiration for my work in the past, but with the new body of work I am actually incorporating photographic images and add stitch for texture and dimension. Not sure where it will take me… but for now I am excited!


  2. Hi Anna, I did check out your website Polar Embrace and was amazed! Beautiful. I’m sure to see them in person would even magnify their beauty.


    • Thanks, Karen! The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from other artists as well – this has given me the courage to move forward into a new direction! I will keep you posted on my progress! Consider attending the opening of the show – then you can see the work in person. The opening is in Meacham, near Saskatoon (about 45 minutes SE of the city). The gallery is owned by former Canmore citizens.


  3. Hi Anna,
    You may already know it, but I can recommend a book by Susan Tuttle: Digital Expressions – Creating Art with Adobe Photoshop Elements. Her work is amazing!
    ( ISBN- 13: 978-1-60061-454-5) (ISBN- 10:1-60061-454-X)

    I also took a course with Sandra Meech at Quilt Canada in Halifax and we had great fun there experimenting with photos and quilts.

    I also took an online course with Rockyview Adult Education on Photoshop: 10 lessons with conversations between instructors and other students as we went along. It really opened my eyes as to what photoshop can do. Courses are available in many places including expensive ones at the University. I will probably take more courses since I can only take in limited info at one time!

    I look forward to seeing your photo in your quilts!!!


    • Thanks, Karen! Your suggestions are all great! I have participated in Sandra Meech’s lecture/workshop in Birmingham, Engalnd in 2004.
      What I have in mind is something new and different than what is already published in books. You may remember that I am all about originality and carving my own path. Taking this workshop in the magical setting at Emma Lake is a total immersion experience, something I seldom get to experience. Since I am teaching there myself the following week I decided to treat myself and get a learning holiday in before it is my turn to share.
      Stay posted – I will be sharing my progress. Meanwhile you can see some of my new work, based on photography, on my website gallery. Check out “Polar Embrace” and let me know what you think!


  4. Margaret Guest on said:

    Just at a Martha Cole trunk show — are you moving in that direction??


    • Margaret, no I am not moving in the direction of Martha’s work. You can view my newest body of work on my website gallery under “Polar Embrace”. I am more interested in extreme close ups using my macro lens – pushing the abstract realism envelope, so to speak. This is my focus now – who knows what I will decide during and after the photography workshop at Emma Lake in July…


      • Margaret Guest on said:

        I’m loving your new work, what is you thread choice?


      • I use a variety of threads from rayon and metallic to cottons. I don’t just use one brand – for me it is all about the color and how it will work with the fabric. I build up the thread in layers, similar to thread painting. However, the goal is not to cover the surface completely – I want the fabric and the motif to show through.


  5. Dawn Sare on said:

    Anna, what a wonderful opportunity! Do you find that, when you are ready, the thing that you need comes your way? That has been my experience.

    I, too, love photography. I am a weaver and the opportunity to take a tapestry workshop “appeared” for me recently. I am excited about the possibilities for capturing images with my camera and interpreting them in tapestry.



    • Thanks, Dawn!
      I do find that opportunities present themselves when they are needed. What I have to remember is to exercise patience. Usually I give up searching and waiting for these opportunities.
      Your tapestry workshop sounds just what you were looking for – how exciting! Can’t wait to see where your focus will shift…
      You also: Enjoy the learning process!


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