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Picking and Choosing under Pressure

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It’s a crazy week! The Open Studio is coming up fast. Due to unforeseen circumstances Colin will be away for most of the weekend and I get “to man the fort” myself.

There is so much to do and anticipate:

The studio is presently a mess and needs to be tidied and cleaned to make it more welcome for visitors.This is on the agenda for today!

Then there is the situation that we live far from any coffee shop or lunch place, so I always make sure that food and refreshments are provided for anyone dropping by. Since I am not fond of overly processed foods I make sure I do my own baking and prepping. Baking will go into full operation tomorrow!

My second indigo dye vat (the one with all natural ingredients – just because I chose to try and go an environmentally friendly route) doesn’t seem to want to “settle”. It is fermenting with a vengeance… I can attest to that – the smell is less than pleasant in my studio at the moment, so the solution will be to move it to the garage, most likely. The instructions say that “one needs patience with Indigo” and “the fermentation process may take well over 2 weeks in cooler climates.” I will continue to stir it every morning and see where it goes…

I am hosting two other artists for the days of the Open Studio Event. My friend Joan will stay overnight – so there will be no popcorn dinners to keep it simple. We may have to venture into town for one meal – just to get a break. However, if last year was any indication – visitors lasted well into the evening. So, it may be cake and tea for a decadent supper. Not such a bad option…

Aside from what’s happening in the studio trouble with my phone, computer updates and a car service appointment had us spend most of the day in town yesterday. A planning meeting in town for Emma Lake is on the agenda for tonight…

Students will begin dropping off art work tomorrow beginning at 9:30 am.

As you can tell, I have been a little panicked. This morning I got up, my mind full with deadlines and realized that the best thing to do was make a list. The list is made – I have prioritized and while searching for suitable images found some I took last year while waiting for the ferry to depart. A crane was close to the boat, basking in the sun and choosing tasty morsels of food. My mantra for the rest of the week will be: I will choose the tasty morsels…

I will focus on the important things, the Open Studio. As previously planned, I have books for sale, “discarded” from my library. There will be hand-dyed fabric (as requested by visitors last year), I have some small art works to offer and as always, there are threads and batting. But the most important feature are my design students’ work on display and the artists who will make your trip out even more worthwhile. Joan Foulston and Wendy Parsons will have a selection of their work on display in the house and on the covered deck. Make it an outing – bring your family, friends, fill up the car with girlfriends! I promise – you won’t be disappointed!

I am taking a deep breath, imagine calm waters and get on with my day! Thanks for “listening” – I feel so much better already.

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6 thoughts on “Picking and Choosing under Pressure

  1. Theresa Duncan on said:

    Hang in there….. it’ll be great!


  2. I also wish I could be there! Your indigo dye vat sounds interesting, including the fermentation smells.


    • Karen – believe me, the smell of the all natural indigo vat is repulsive! I can hardly stand it. I am still holding on hoping the vat settles by the weekend, but time is running out! Wish you could be here… it’s only and 8 hour drive! You can still make it! ;-)))


  3. Kathy Logan de Chavez on said:

    And you still have time to blog!! You are one crazy woman!! Wish I could be there!!


    • Thanks for this, Kathy! ;-)))
      Once I sat down and organized my thoughts while blogging I felt better. I did get the studio all tidy and cleaned, ready for students to arrive tomorrow to hang their show! I even started with the baking and have 5 cakes done, only five fancy cakes to go. I can do that Wednesday night and all day Thursday.


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