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Reflecting and Projecting

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I have an affinity for proverbs and calendars that provide me with little quotes for each day of the year. In fact, I have one such calendar in my entry and each morning I pull off the previous day’s quote to reveal what the thought of the day might be today…

Two of these quotes caught me eye over the past week:

We should never try to follow another’s path for that is his way, not yours.When that path is found, you have nothing to do but fold your arms and the tide will carry your to freedom.                                                                                    Swami Vivekananda

When you get to the top of the mountain, keep climbing.              Zen Proverb

I have internalized these two quotes and have taken some time to reflect on their meaning as it pertains to me. I know in my heart that I need to walk my own path and I have been following it for years now, but every once in a while a distraction pulls me off this path and has me get lost in its vistas and exciting possibilities. I am fine with this and allow extra time and energy for such occasions as they  provide new ideas and possibilities. Eventually I return to my own familiar path. As to keeping on climbing – I am doing that! There is no mountain top high enough – besides, I get vertigo when I look down – so the only option is to continue climbing…

It was a crazy time last week with getting prepared for the Open Studio, putting finishing touches on the food, making sure enough seating was provided for visitors. I am sure you get the picture and certainly have heard enough about it in last week’s posts.

After taking a day off to take down the student exhibition, clearing space for new work and just not worrying what tomorrow might bring I am slowly emerging with recharged batteries. I have started to complete a quilt for friends and unrolled the handwoven silk and linen fabric Colin wove for our future son-in-law’s wedding shirt. There is a field of flowers in the distance and I am walking to toward it. Summer is in full swing with sunny days, heat waves, the hum of air conditioners and fans disrupting the song birds’ concert – but I am not complaining!

New adventures and challenges are what keep me advancing – the life of the artist is never dull!





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6 thoughts on “Reflecting and Projecting

  1. Joyce on said:

    Yes, Anna , this artist’s life is never dull or boring ! Where did you take the photo of the little buildings on platforms on the water ? I love the image , especially with the shadow lines along the way . It calls to be a quilt ! I was also wondering what kind of bird that little puffed up fellow with the orange feet is .
    Thanks , Joyce


    • All the images from this slide show were taken in Germany almost two years ago. The crow was captured at the entrance to the “Eagles Nest” above Berchtesgaden, where we experienced snow and fog at the end of September. The buildings on stilts are located at Lake Constance, the historic site was originally settled by Celts and dates back to more than 7 thousand years. The buildings have been replicated according to archeological records. The town where the open air museum is located is called Unter-Uhldingen. I visited it for the first time with my grandmother when I was 12. Only one building was standing at that time but what I saw and learned has stuck with me till today!


  2. Anna, I love Zen Proverbs. Here is another you might like to ponder: “The obstacle is the path.” When there is no way around we need to find a way through. Ann


  3. I would love to see a photo of the wedding shirt when done! Handwoven silk and linen — how lucky is this groom????


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