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From Buffalo Pound Lake to Diefenbaker Lake – The Perfect Excursion for a Sunny Day!

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Thank you to all who sent emails expressing concern about the extreme weather we have had over the past two days. I am happy to report that we came out of it unharmed – the tornadoes touched down about 30 km south west of our place and the strong winds did not affect us at all. A few trees along the lake lost limbs but our yard was left untouched. We are breathing a sigh of relief and are looking forward to a calm summer!

We have had company over the past couple of days and it was wonderful to catch up with our “oldest” friends from Alberta – it was wonderful to welcome them to our place, share some meals and catch up. We stop in at their place near Cochrane every time we make our way west and we are happy Kristin and Bill braved the “invisible wall” separating Alberta from Saskatchewan… 😉

Today was a perfect day for a little excursion. We started out from our place at Buffalo Pound Lake in glorious sunshine with only the occasional wispy cloud formations interrupting the azure sky. We soon made our way to Tugaske and our friend’s Joan Foulston’s Gallery and Gardens. South-western Saskatchewan in early summer with fields bursting in juicy greens and bright yellow canola plants are a sight to be seen! Joan’s Gardens provided the missing colors of the rainbow – a true feast for the senses. The gentle buzz of insects pollinating, spider webs spanning between branches and the occasional butterfly introducing rich hues and patterns fluttering from flower to flower were an experience I was yearning for.

Once we were on the road again we turned toward the small town of Elbow on Lake Diefenbaker. Overlooking the marina we stopped for refreshments and the view. Thirteen Stripe Ground Squirrels provided the entertainment. We nearly missed the babies and I am so pleased with the way the images turned out I took with my point-and-shoot camera.

Thanks for letting me share our excursion today. I am planning to get back to the studio tomorrow! Stay tuned for regular updates – it’s my time to catch up with the work I had set aside for a couple of weeks.

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