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June Artlet Review – Happy Canada Day!

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I won’t lie to you today, June’s Artlets don’t reflect the same effort the previous five months have exhibited. June was one month that seems to have flashed by in record time. It is true what they say: time passes much quicker when you are busy (and when you get older…)!

From teaching in Halifax to coming home to a Weaver’s Guild meeting, company to Open Studio Event and more company resulted in minimal studio time. At least one Artlet definitely reflects this feeling of frustration.

Some of you might ask: Why did you bother with creating Artlets if your time was so limited? It is a legitimate question and when it comes down to it, why did I persevere? I reflected on this question several times last month and decided – since I didn’t have much time to create art I could at least spend a few minutes a day in creating a small Artlet focusing on what was going on that day – it kept me yearning for more and I am going to make time over the next two weeks to do just that – create! It won’t be anything to exhibit, but there is handwoven linen and silk yardage waiting to get sewn up into a poet’s shirt, then there is a binding to be hand finished for our friend’s wedding anniversary and then there are kits and handouts to be prepared for teaching in Ontario later this season.

With this in mind – I better jump right to it. I am in the studio, I am free to create, there is no company on the radar and it is a holiday. I am most productive when others are enjoying a holiday. The phone stays quiet, nobody mows the lawn and with the heat I am staying out of the kitchen. Studio Bliss on Canada Day – what could be better???

Happy Canada Day, everyone! Enjoy your lazy, hazy days of summer!


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2 thoughts on “June Artlet Review – Happy Canada Day!

  1. Our neighbourhood is so very quiet – everyone must have gone away for this long weekend. I enjoyed gardening all day yesterday, so today I get to relax and get some reading done and sew on a western vest to get ready for Stampede next week. I saw the Stampede Centennial Quilt on Thursday and it is marvellous! I will take pictures when I attend the Western Exhibits and send it to you. Share as you like. The quilt is 14 feet wide and 12 feet long. My Big Hill Guild was asked to help with its planning & making. Many of the blocks were made by lifelong Stampede Volunteers as well as loyal quilters. Many of the blocks have a wonderful Western Story and I hope they make a book telling them.
    I also will be taking the afternoon shift white gloving down at Addies – every July 1st we have a ‘Verandah Quilt Show”. Love this sunshine!!!!!


    • Enjoy your Canada Day, Karen. Sounds to me you are doing what you love!
      I am making progress – the quiet this morning was followed by lawn mower and trimmer noises. Fireworks at the beach tonight!


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