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Blogging – One Constant in MY Life…

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Every once in a while I wonder why…

Why?… am I not motivated to pack for upcoming teaching engagements – well, some of them are still months away (but with traveling for personal reasons, I have to look ahead and get organized…)?

Why?… am I not taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and spend some time in the sun? (Let’s just say I can’t take the heat too well…)

Why?… do I not take time off from posting on the blog over the summer – I have noticed a  decline in visitors to the site, which I attribute to the time of year (holidays, summer fun lazy, hazy dog days of summer…).

Before you jump to conclusions and think I am trying to make excuses for not blogging – don’t worry: The doubts only lasted a moment and I plan to persevere. This blog has provided me with a constant in my life since I started it last December and committed to three posts a week! I have stuck to this schedule (some weeks are easier than others). Just recently I have taken to posting a little later in the morning – that is MY way of taking some stress off this summer.

Packing continues and with an additional workshop in Ottawa on September 15th I had to resort to dividing my materials into several bags, each one filled with samples, handouts and back up supplies pertaining to the class and/or lecture. I am slowly making progress.

Oh yes, and then there is the ever present avoidance practices which I have perfected over the years… After completing Nicole’s shawl last Sunday I fished a pair of authentic socks I started 14 years ago (while I still had my store in Calgary…) from my knitting bag. At Christmas I purchased a ball of sock yarn with the intent to complete the one heel on one sock to call the socks “finished”. It took only an hour and the socks are now complete and matching.

And just in case you thought this was it for my diversion… As it so often happens, the “knitting bug” bit once more and a lovely shawl pattern a friend had gifted just had to be explored. The Dragonfly Wing Shawl by BOO Knitting (2011) “called out” to me. I resisted until I laid my hands on three skeins of my hand-spun silk and merino. A quick assessment confirmed that I had enough to tackle this project labeled as “easy”. Two evenings of knitting resulted in a lovely wrap that I dipped into my Indigo vat (yes, it is still active!). It is a beautiful blue and the shawl is just the right size for carrying along to avoid getting chilled once the sun goes down.

What is summer without good times with friends. Our friend Jennifer had a milestone birthday this weekend. Her husband organized an amazing party with wonderful friends, great food all in the comfort of their backyard. Everyone brought at least one special dish to augment the barbequed salmon and beef tenderloin. With his schedule already very tight I offered to bring the birthday cake. And any of you who know me (just a little) also know that I LOVE to bake! The last image is of the Chocolate Strawberry Torte (actual birthday cake), Tiramisu Torte (an all-time favorite!) and the Wild Rice and Shrimp Salad from our house to the party house. A great time was had by all – and the food… the food…

With it being Sunday and some of our flowers in full bloom I took advantage of taking my camera for a little walk around the yard. My challenge was to capture birds but in the heat of the day it was fairly quiet. Colin was busier earlier this week widening one flight of stairs to the studio and adding a long awaited railing. Hope you enjoy today’s slide show – I felt it was more interesting than images of kits half assembled and suit cases with rolled up art quilts that are less than exciting to look at.

Enjoy the sun, summer and time off!

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20 thoughts on “Blogging – One Constant in MY Life…

  1. It is so reassuring to know that one of my artistic mentors also procrastinates with other projects! I have a piece on my design wall but have been dyeing, sun printing, knitting and spinning instead!


    • Procrastination is not a negative thing – I often set aside a project till later due to other commitments or just because it needs a little more contemplation. I am always amazed how so often a firm idea, sketch or goal changes for a more dynamic end result.


  2. Katina on said:

    I’m always inspired by your blogs and pictures. I sure miss Tiger Lilies. Didn’t bring any with me from my yard in Saskatchewan. Weather has turned warm finally, but the black flies still wait my appearance, nasty bites. I’ve just started back at knitting, scarfs, many, many of them. The shawl is beautiful, but not sure I could tackle something so large. Love the indigo colour, beautiful. I’m busy making baby quilts, grandbaby number six due to arrive August 1st. Made a baby girl sailboat quilt, and now working on a very bright fishy quilt. One of them will need to be completed quickly once baby arrives, still a surprise.


    • Katina – you might have left the Tiger Lilies behind, but you have Fiddle Head Ferns and Lupines growing everywhere! Beauty is everywhere – you just have to shift gears!!! Keep quilting and knitting – looks like you are enjoying summer!


  3. Linda and Bob on said:

    Always interesting and inspiring to see all the beauty you create in our lives, Anna. We’re off to camp in the Rockies and visit with family in Airdrie. All the best,Linda and Bob


  4. Hi Anna… I for one have enjoyed each of your blog entries since December, and always with eager anticipation… Thanks for sharing so much of your artist’s inspiration and news of your exhibitions, travels, and wonderful events with friends and family. Always wonderful.

    Know all of your friends and students are anticipating your arival for courses in Ontario this fall and I am checking the calendar to see if I can get the day off to attend the KANTHA workshop at Dragonfly Fabrics… if not, may I obtain the book from you directly. I was sure hoping we could get you for FIBREWORKS KINGSTON this year – but perhaps next and Kantha would be a lovely choice for a two day workshop… think about it and let me know if you have Ontario in your calendar for Fall 2013 or spring 2014. Fondly, Bethany


    • Hi Bethany, Thanks for the feedback! Makes my regular posts all worthwhile just knowing I have so many loyal supporters.
      About teaching in Ontario – my calendar is filling up for 2013 already. If you are interested in my coming in 2013, let’s connect directly. Now is the time to reserve dates!
      Enjoy your summer! I will be heading to the Kingston/Ottawa region very soon…


  5. Alice Brody on said:

    Packing is in the air, just finished my cartons for QBL and shipped them off. I take the train to Syracuse on Thurday morning, will play with friends up there for a couple of days before including a performance of Aida at Glimmerglass in Cooperstown. Your recipes all look fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing. Am having seven for dinner and book group tomorrow, all cold salads as the weather here has been REALLY hot. making a cherry apricot tart for dessert, but your cakes are all too tempting! Wish I would be seeing you at camp next week.


    • Oh Alice – I will miss you and everyone else at QBL! This is my in-between year anyways, but with no booking for 2013 it will be a while before I get to come back and connect with you in person. Your next couple of weeks sound wonderful. Enjoy! I will be thinking of everyone at Quilting by the Lake! Say hello to all the regulars for me!


  6. ShirleyMathieson on said:

    Love the pictures of the lilies!!! The wild tiger lilies ( our provincial flower for those who aren’t from Sask.) are out in full bloom up here in Central Saskatchewan- I hope they are still blooming when you go to Emma Lake. The shawl is beautiful – the color is amazing.


    • Thanks, Shirley! Can’t wait to see the Tiger Lilies in bloom – I will be at Emma one week from today. Can’t wait for my photography workshop. I even broke down and invested in a wide angle lens for better landscape images.
      Enjoy the weather – see you soon!


  7. Donna on said:

    I seem to be having a hard time getting motivated these days. I think it started right around the same time the weather turned nice. I have many quilts to get done before my trip to Emma Lake. I guess I’ll just have to give myself a BIG push. See you soon. Donna


    • Donna – it will all come together, it always does in the end. Maybe stop and try one of the recipes I just linked to the last entry. You could always substitute tofu for the shrimp…


  8. Patsy Noyes on said:

    i loved both your shawls. Do you share your recipoes, the rice and shrimp salad looked really good and it would be perfect for a hot evening meal.


    • Hi Patsy,
      I will work out the recipe and add a link to the post shortly. That way you can download it if you are interested. I don’t want to make this blog about cooking and baking… there are so many another blogs focusing on the kitchen already.


  9. ekhaugli on said:

    Hi Anna! Been thinking about you often, but the days are flying by with the opening of the shop, the kids, visitors, etc. I love the shall you made. That’s one of my favorite colors 🙂 And it’s so nice to see real summer green grass and bright orange flowers. It is green here now, but still cold – 7 C and rain and wind. We’ve had 2 “summer” days which were wonderful and we think of them fondly while we wait for the next one 🙂 Hugs to you my friend. Looking forward to telling you all about the last month, and hearing about your summer as well. Love, Erica


    • Hi Erica – so nice to hear from you! I can tell how busy you have been over the past several weeks. I will try and send you summer sunshine – I feel badly “complaining” a little about our heat wave while you are freezing this time of the year!
      Looking forward to staying in touch over the next little while!


  10. Oooh, I see why it is called dragon wing shawl. Lovely.


    • Yes, Ann – I wasn’t sure how it would turn out at first. I started with 6 stitches, worked all to the way to just under 300 stitches. The lace points were worked over the full number of stitches and went relatively quickly. the cast off is elastic and easy. I think I have to create another one like this very soon… This would make a lovely gift!


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