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Teaching in Abruzzo – Update!

Well, it’s official – Teaching in Abruzzo will not happen for me this year. Due to overall low enrollment for 2012 my workshop is not going ahead later in September.

I had suspected this for some time and contacted the organizer a while back, still holding out hope for a turn around. Today is the deadline and I have officially removed the dates from my calendar.

However, I am writing this with a big smile on my face as I have great news to share: I am booked to teach at the Abruzzo School of Creative Art in Sulmono from September 25th through October 1st, 2013. And I am sure the workshop will go ahead with the added time for advertising. Several people have contacted me directly sharing that they are planning to explore the Sulmono area, enjoy the food, wine, customs,  and attend my class next year.

How can anybody ignore this great opportunity to visit a part of Italy that is not overrun with tourists? Best of all, early registrations will be rewarded with significantly lower rates. Just imagine: If you register before September 1st, 2012 you receive a 30 % discount! I just checked the website to make sure I am not telling stories… but there it is: Averil Stuart-Head, the founder of the Abruzzo School of Creative art has come up with several discounted rates for early registration. Are you interested? Here is a link to my workshop, rate structure and the entire website.

I look forward to September 2013 in Sulmono, Abruzzo, Italy where new and “old” friends will be converging to connect, explore the vistas, try a few new techniques and spend a once in a life-time vacation.

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10 thoughts on “Teaching in Abruzzo – Update!

  1. Only a postponement — that is good news! Alas, I cannot manage it…but I know it will be wonderful for those who do!


    • I am not upset about the postponement – it provides me with extra time to create new work based on an Italian architectural theme and plan a holiday in conjunction with the trip. 2013 will be wonderful!!!


  2. Theresa Duncan on said:



  3. A beautiful piece in the photograph – yours?


  4. Serafina Clulow on said:

    I would love to go to Abruzzo to take your course but the cost of the flight to Rome makes it beyond my price range. Would you be likely to give a similar course in Canada? I live in northern Ontario and I would be there like a shot. Abruzzo would be amazing however.


    • Serafina – the Abruzzo workshop was specifically designed for the venue – so it would be highly unlikely to repeat the workshop anywhere else. However, I teach a number of workshops that can be adapted to one’s environment. Check out my website, talk to you guild and friends and see if you could not organize a workshop. I come through Northern Ontario off and on – and can always make special trip.


  5. Theresa Duncan on said:

    Mei and I were just going over the website last night!


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