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Summer Reading…

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… brings a thriller or two! Are you heading to the cottage or beach soon? Are you still looking for an interesting read for basking in the sun or shade while relaxing with family and friends? You may be interested in one or both of the books I recently finished and thought worthwhile sharing.

You may be surprised by today’s post but I decided to feature a couple of interesting books I read this summer. When I published my newsletter, I had several summer reading recommendations that were not always related to quilting or creativity.

During the spring my friend Leslie told me about Sanctus, a first time novel by Simon Toyne. She defined it as an interesting read, nothing like our favorite People of the Book but pretty good none-the-less. I concurred once I downloaded and read the iBook edition. The story line was well thought out and the characters diverse. I was not sure where to rank the book but kept an open mind. On Father’s Day an email arrived that my pre-ordered copy of book two by Simon Toyne was ready for download. I proceeded to activate the link and within seconds The Key appeared on my shelf – my kind of shopping for books!

I am glad I decided to invest in book two! The Key was a page turner and difficult to set aside during the day when work should have been my main focus. Simon Toyne is a great new talent on the writer’s horizon. I am rarely interested in thrillers but this book has just enough mystery and suspense to keep me wanting for more. The author further develops the characters introduced in Sanctus, supporting a well crafted story set in modern-day Turkey, the US and the Syrian desert.

Chances are that I might give away too many details, so I better stop here. Let it be known  – I am anxiously awaiting book three in the trilogy. To find out more about Sanctus and The Key click on any of the bold titles! Make sure to come back and weigh in with your comments  and opinions about the books. Happy Summer reading!

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