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Exploring Saskatchewan: Visiting the Crooked Trees

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I first heard about the “crooked trees of Alticane” from a realtor in Calgary around the time we sold our house there and prepared for our move. I was skeptical but once we arrived in Saskatchewan the “crooked trees” came up in conversation regularly.

Last weekend it was time… We braved the road in search of these uniquely shaped trees we had seen in photographs, on the internet and even in art work. We headed east from North Battleford on Hwy. # 40 toward Hafford and Speers. At first we overshot the turn off as we took the sign reading “Crooked Bush” to be a hoax… It turned out that it was the official sign pointing us to our destination. We realized it after navigating the grid roads (which means gravel and dirt, complete with pot holes…) between canola fields for about 45 minutes. Eventually we returned to the sign, 1 km west of the Speers access road and turned north on to Flint Road toward Mayfair. Another sign told us to travel 16 km north and 2.5 km east. It really was THAT easy!

The “crooked bush” covers just under one acre of surface area but offers a wealth of images to be captured. We spent nearly an hour walking among the trees staying on the board walk that made it easy to study and admire  the gnarled aspens. The trees are in lush foliage this time of the year and we vowed to return once the fall winds have swept away the autumn colors. We are tentatively planning to come back around Halloween… to capture more images for future inspiration.

Enjoy today’s slide show and make sure to visit this unassuming place in the middle of the prairies when you travel across the prairies!


While you read today’s blog entry think of me… I will be up by 4 a. m. heading to another early morning photo shoot to capture the “sweet light” and practicing composition through the lens of my camera.

It has been a busy week so far with long hours exploring the landscape around Emma Lake and the boreal forest. We spend every morning watching and capturing the sunrise, most of the day is consumed with class room sessions learning Photoshop and after dinner we head out once more to look for that perfect sunset. It’s an obsession, I know! But I love it – mosquito swarms and all…

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4 thoughts on “Exploring Saskatchewan: Visiting the Crooked Trees

  1. My Dad used to take us to the Valley of the Crooked Trees in Jasper….lots of pic’s of us standing on crazy shaped trees. Brings back memories!


    • Joan – that sounds interesting! I had no idea there were Cooked Trees in Jasper – and to think I visited the Jasper area often while living in Alberta. I bet you anything – they wouldn’t allow climbing the trees nowadays…


  2. Kathy Strawson on said:

    Anna, thank you for sharing those crooked trees. Have you ever been to the “Valley of Crooked” trees in Jasper National Park. Much the same story…no explanation for it.
    While the rest of the forest surrounding it is ramrod straight there is a tiny dip (okay not a valley) that is just twirling, twisted and dipping pines and spruce.


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