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Definitely NOT altered

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…in Photoshop that is!

I just spent this week participating in a digital photography workshop with a focus on mastering Adobe Photoshop CS6 at the Kenderdine Campus at Emma Lake, SK. To clear away any assumptions: I did NOT master the new Photoshop program – however I do feel I have forged a deep friendship with my camera.

Thirty hours of active camera practice in the field with a professional photographer and knowledgeable teacher have provided me with numerous breakthroughs this week. Getting up at 4 a. m. to capture the early morning light, 5 – 6 hours in the lab exploring the inner workings of Photoshop and field trips after dinner to explore the countryside, capture contrast, texture and color was not for the faint at heart.

There were six of us that gathered for the first time after dinner only one week ago Sunday to meet John Perret of Light Line Photography. Before long we ventured into the natural surroundings of the campus to capture the light before sunset and just after a heavy downpour.

All this seems like it happened yesterday. I spent all Saturday afternoon and evening after the workshop wrapped up sorting through over 3,000 images I captured in just one week. This helped me take note how much better my images have become. I am more familiar with my camera’s aperture, ISO, white balance and general settings as a result of 30 hours active field practice.

I selected some images for today’s blog post to share and before I knew it I counted 72 pictures. With approximately 3 seconds for each slide you would be sitting at the computer much too long and loose interest. Hence my decision: I will post several images once a week during the upcoming months, starting today with the most spectacular sunrise I ever witnessed. Even our instructor exclaimed that “This is the most amazing sunrise I have ever photographed in my life!”

The workshop had a strong focus on Photoshop, using filters and layers but the images I uploaded for you today have not been altered in any way. I captured them with my Nikon 3100 over approximately 30 minutes on July 21st, 2012 from 5:15 – 5:45 a. m. (ISO 200, white balance: full sun, F 8 – F 13)


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16 thoughts on “Definitely NOT altered

  1. Anna, keep these photos coming! They are incredible. Thanks you for sharing them. Hugs, Ann


  2. Marsha Cochrane on said:

    Anna it is my browser that is the problem… I’ll work on that!


  3. Hi Anna, I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing the beautiful photographs you post. However, I haven’t been able to see them for awhile now… do I need to add a program or update a program to be able to view them?


    • Hi Marsha,
      I am sorry you cannot see the images – I post them every time and I am not entirely sure why you cannot access them lately. Try to update your web browser – it might fix the problem! Let me know how you make out.


      • I have updated everything possible on my computer… some of the blog images appear, just not the photos you post. On the dialogue line of my page it says “error on page”. I have no idea what that is. Oh well. Thanks for your suggestion though.


      • Keep trying – I am not sure what else to suggest, Marsha…


  4. Kathy Strawson on said:

    stunning! thank you so much for sharing.


  5. Unbelievably beautiful photos Anna! I look forward to seeing more in each blog. My little automated camera does a good job, but in comparison to yours……..


    • Thanks, Karen. I always thought that if I set my camera to “auto” it will take care of the rest… Then I bought my first DSLR and realized that if I could just understand all the options and settings I would take even better images. I thought that all stunning images have to be processed in Photoshop – but it is not so! I am thrilled to be able to manipulate the camera settings to capture the EXACT natural phenomena unfolding right before my eyes! The best money and time I have spent in a very long time…


  6. Alice Brody on said:

    What amazing images. Can’t wait to see what else you have photographed. You have such a wonderful eye. Glad the class was such a huge success. I’m sure the additional skills you acquired will be invaluable. Cheers from QBL where I spent the last week working on a baby quilt. Finished the top. This week a class with Cynthia Corbin.


    • I am so glad I could share yesterday’s sunrise with my blog followers! Alice, it sounds as if you are fully emerged in QBL – my thoughts are with everyone! Please say hello to Donna, Cynthia, Judi, Rosalee and the twins for me!!!


  7. Ditte on said:

    Thank you for the breath taking images which have been my morning meditation after coming in from sunrise watering of the parched garden.
    Having visited Emma Lake last fall, I know where you stood and imagine the serenity of those moments.
    Now, have we lost an imaginative fibre artist to the captivating and exciting world of photography? I am thinking, no, that you will find yet another creative way of combining your many artistic talents.
    Have you been to
    My friend Heidi Hunter is also a skilled photographer. Enjoy, Anna.


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