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Dyeing to Quilt at Emma Lake

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Where has the time gone? It’s Thursday already and we have passed the half-way mark for this year’s Emma Lake workshop. It has been wonderful – we are the only class on campus and have claimed the amazing large studio. I was able to set up for dyeing on one side of the large space and the design and sewing stations are located on the opposite side of the studio.

We have had sunshine, a boat ride to Fairy Island to study composition and design in a magical natural setting and there has been some rain while dyeing on Tuesday. Every time we placed dyed yardage on the bushes to dry the heavens opened and poured water on us and the fabrics. We finally managed to rig up a clothes line under the awning… and it hasn’t rained since!

This year’s group consists of seven die hard dyers and quilters, some are playing with dye for the first time. Our days are long – while official class time goes from 9 a. m. till 4 p. m. everyone ventures back for an art lecture and more work after dinner.

We are beginning to talk about next year… The idea has been planted for an official quilt camp on this campus. Quilting at Emma Lake – what a concept and a great idea that need your support! What are your thoughts and better yet: Are you interested??? Your input and suggestions are welcome. Leave a comment below or email me directly.

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40 thoughts on “Dyeing to Quilt at Emma Lake

  1. Anna: Just saw all the wonderful dyed fabrics from Emma Lake. It happened just at the time that we were booked into BC. I wonder when next year is happening. I can book my timeshare so it does not clash with Emma. Leona


    • Leona,
      The dates are provided in the blog post – August 11th – 17th, 2013 will be the time for Art Quilt Camp. I am working on the description and lesson plan at the moment. Watch for more info soon!
      Hope you can make it in 2013 – looks like we have a number of return participants. One student from this year has her sister coming up from Washington State!


  2. Donna on said:

    It is hard to believe that the week is over. What a fantastic workshop and instructor. Anna you made our week magical.


    • Donna, it was a GREAT week but all the credit goes right back to you and the rest of the participants. The energy you and the rest of the class put into the dyeing, designing and creating kept me going. Hopefully we can do it all again next year! Make sure you take some time to relax before you jump back into real life… but knowing you: the long arm quilter is probably already humming away.


  3. Wow! I am a “basic” quilter but think this would be a fabulous chance to stretch and learn in a phenominal setting.


    • Bernie, that is the “magic” of this campus – we are completely immersed in a natural setting with a fabulous large studio and like-minded people. The creative forces are hard at work and the work that was produced during the week was phenomenal. I will write a recap soon and share some images of the work the participants created.


  4. Serafina Clulow on said:

    So would I !Marilyn


  5. Great Brenda! Stay tuned – details will follow soon.


  6. Brenda Twining on said:

    Hi Anna,

    Fantastic class … love the dyed fabrics! A quilt camp at Emma Lake, I am very interested.
    Stay creative.


  7. Linda and Bob on said:

    What fun you’ve been having. Love the fabrics inside preserving jars! Perfect setting for experimenting with colour and design. When Owen was around two or three, we rented a cabin at Emma Lake. Saskatchewan is more varied than people think.


    • Saskatchewan is great and a paradise for artists! Emma Lake is a magical place with a rich history in the arts, inspiration and stunning scenery. Wish you were here – you probably wouldn’t recognize some of the beaches – cottages have given way to large summer homes and boat traffic increases every year. Kenderdine Campus is a special place with old and new cabins hidden in the forest where cars are not allowed. Sheer magic!


  8. Looks like an amazing time. The fabrics are beautiful!


  9. Marsha Cochrane on said:

    I would be interested in this too, it would be great fun!


  10. Katina on said:

    What a beautiful setting. I’ve never dyed a piece of fabric, but your blogs have got me thinking it might be time to learn. I probably won’t ever make it back to Saskatchewan but envious of a quilt camp, like the Elm Creek Quilters. Greetings fro Cap Pele, New Brunswick on the Norththumberland Strait.


    • Katina – I have had students from Tacoma, WA (last summer), BC and Alberta (this year). My hope is to welcome artists from all over – just the way it used to be at Kenderdine Campus where art critics and painters gathered from New York, England and other far away places. Never say never…


  11. Flo London on said:

    Sounds fantastic, just wish it wasn’t so far from Chicago!


    • Keep dreaming and projecting positively – maybe one day you can join us and make history at Emma Lake.
      I have taught in Chicago and the flights were manageable – carpooling form the Saskatoon airport can be arranged!


  12. Hi Anna, I would be interested in a quilt camp at Emma Lake. I could also get my art group interested too! Keep me informed of dates, etc.


  13. Donna Cutler on said:

    Count me in for a quilt camp! The idea of being away with nothing to do but “quilt stuff” is intoxicating. Keep me in the loop…..Donna Cutler


    • The Emma Lake experience was described and compared to an “all inclusive holiday” by one of the participants last week. It is a unique setting and experience and creativity has no boundaries here. Hope to see you participate next year!


  14. colleensp on said:

    It looks like you are just having way too much fun!!!! So envious of the dyeing experience! I hope to get into some dye pots this summer. But, the time is slipping away. Slow down summer! See you soon!


  15. Bonnie Chalmers on said:

    Your work is very inspirational. An art camp sounds like fun, need details as they come available.


  16. Jody on said:

    Anna, I would be really interested to participate in this! Please keep me posted about future plans.


  17. ShirleyMathieson on said:

    Looks like a wonderful experience for everyone and the results are spectaculardifficile!!!!!! I love the idea of quilting at Emma Lake. Enjoy the rest of the week and I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


  18. Linda Dirkson on said:

    Good Morning Anna, I would be very interested in attending a quilt camp and would like to help in any way I can. Keep me posted!!!!


  19. Bonnie Mactaggart on said:

    Dear Anna, I have been following your blog and love your pictures and stories. I would be interested in quilt camp. Bonnie


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