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What happens when…

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…I pack humble shipping tags and Staedler triplus fineliner  markers? It means that I have all the ingredients I really need to continue my Artlet journaling while traveling!

July was marked by time away from the studio – in fact I was only home for twelve full days! The rest of the time was spent visiting friends, taking an intense photography workshop and teaching a week long class before I spent a few days with friends sewing at Candle Lake.

I am not going to be dishonest: It was tough creating my July Artlets – the days just never seemed long enough, the time in the morning seemed to be tight and I had many days where I was a little slow in getting the proverbial creative juices flowing. Maybe part of my sluggish approach to keeping up with my personal journaling approach was that I was stretched to the maximum in my learning, creative problem solving and teaching modes…

Despite all the distractions I did continue with the daily Artlets. I returned home after the end of the month and with photographing each Artlet I am a little late in posting July’s results. It is the long weekend and a great time to share the long slide show. Enjoy – wherever you may be!

August is well on its way – this month the main focus will be on a wedding theme! All due to our daughter’s wedding at the end of the month. Travel is on the agenda once more as well but I plan to be more disciplined this time… Check back in September and see how I made out!

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2 thoughts on “What happens when…

  1. ginger scott on said:

    Anna, you are soooo creative it boggles my mind! Amid all your busy-ness you can still come up with your Artlets that put us mere art-mortals in awe!


    • That is NOT the intent, Ginger! I think I persevered because I felt that I needed to balance my creative energy a little – I was providing feedback for such long hours that I needed to do something very small to stay focus on my art practice… does this make any sense?


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