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More Saskatchewan Images: Landscape Up Close and Personal

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I am catching up – slowly but surely I am getting ready for the “big trip” to Ontario. My workshop samples, handouts and supplies are packed. Today the trunk show pieces will be selected, rolled up and carefully packed along with the digital projector.

I won’t bore you with more details. It’s time for another photography workshop flash back. From Damselfly to Dragonfly to lichens galore… sunrise and sunset with wonderful reflection conjure up wonderful memories of time spent communing with nature – mosquitoes and all!

Bring your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy the slide show. Happy Summer!

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14 thoughts on “More Saskatchewan Images: Landscape Up Close and Personal

  1. Ruth Camack on said:

    Thank you so very much for sharing your talent with us., I must admit I saved a few of the images to help me interpret an idea I have had for awhile. Ruth


  2. Beautiful photographs, Anna. Thanks for sharing. They are truly inspirational.


  3. Carol Schuld on said:

    So wonderful. My first thought was ‘great eye candy’ – which they are. But the textures trigger many senses. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Oh Anna: Where do you find the time. The pics are so lovely and can be use in art. You must have a great camera along with an intelligent eye. Leona


    • Hi Leona – Taking photos is a good balance to sitting in the studio all day. It gets me out and moving – all in a day’s “work”. I have a fairly basic camera (Nikon 3100 – considered entry level). I did invest in some excellent lenses – Someone told me last year that it’s the key to capturing great images – that person was correct.


  5. Donna on said:

    Beautiful photos.


  6. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos! You are so talented!


    • Thanks, Jody. I am not sure about the part of being talented – obsessed is a better description. Photography has been a passion for most of my life. I received my first box type camera when I was 9. I switched to digital in 2001 and just love the instant view on the LCD screen.


  7. Gorgeous images! What lense were you using for the close-ups?

    Have a great trip.


    • Hi Alice. Thanks so much for the feedback. for most of my close ups I am using a Sigma 70 mm macro lens. I am still making friends with it as I find the manual mode with this lens very tricky. I often download 30 images of which only half a dozen are fully in focus. That is life – it’s all about learning!


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