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Lake Superior Experience – Pebble Beach

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When my blog tagline says “Sharing Insights and Inspiration While Encouraging Creativity” it refers to a wide spectrum of topics. You  most likely have figured this out by now if you have been following my posts for a while.

I am in Eastern Ontario for several weeks. We arrived at our destination on Thursday evening after four long days of driving. We did this trip once before in 2008 and it was less enjoyable then, however it left a strong yearning to come back. The earlier trip took place late spring to early summer and the weather did not cooperate for most of the six weeks on the road. Lake Superior was shrouded in fog, and it was raining and snowing…

This trip promised great weather! I had read that August is the best time to visit Lake Superior – and this was definitely true when we caught our first glimpse near Thunder Bay late afternoon on Tuesday. We finally settled for the night just north of Marathon with the goal to visit Pebble Beach in the morning.

The sun rose and after a slow start we headed straight into Marathon to make our way to the beach. In 2008 this beach was completely shrouded in fog and mist – a mystical experience as sounds were muffled and we could see no further than the end of our dog’s leash. None the less, we were surprised about the pebbles on the beach. The word pebble in our vocabulary was adjusted that day to include smooth rocks the size of a fist and even larger…

This year Pebble Beach was breath taking! Smooth rocks from pebble size along the water’s edge to large stones provided hours of exploration with the camera. Dry rocks to wet rocks, the colors were stunning and it was hard to pull myself away. I even walked in the water along the beach! So refreshing without silt, weeds or algea.

But time was pressing and we had to eventually get back in the car and follow the road to our destination. Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you enjoy your virtual walk along Pebble Beach in Marathon, ON with today’s slideshow.

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6 thoughts on “Lake Superior Experience – Pebble Beach

  1. Betsey kuzia on said:

    Lovely, Anna. Great weather for us here in Albany. Almost feels like Fall!!!!


  2. Enjoy the wedding Anna. I know you will probably be taking lots of photos!


  3. Anna: You did it again with the wonderful photos of Pebble Lake. Makes me want to do something with my dryer lint. Right now I am on hold as have my 95 yr Mom with me until mid-Sept. kind of gets in the way of creating. will put pebbles on hold. Enjoy your vacation and wedding. Leona


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