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Communing with Nature…

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Last week we took a “little” side trip to Nova Scotia. A dear friend moved to the Annapolis Valley from Alberta three years ago and it was time… to reconnect and charge our batteries.

A sightseeing excursion brought us to a very special place along the secondary highway, The Tangled Gardens. As soon as we pulled off the road we realized just how special this hidden gem really is. We entered the shop where the owner sells her mixed media art along with gourmet preserves, herb infused vinegars and oils, and special herb ice cream. A small admission fee made our visit legitimate, and we set out through a Wisteria arbor to reach a pole with directional signs pointing to the labyrinth, the herb garden, the fountain and so many other wonderful secret places waiting to be discovered. Nature and sculpture has been teamed up successfully. Each sculptural piece has been placed with care to complement rather than draw attention away from the natural setting enhanced by seasonal changes.

Enjoy today’s slide show. Let it bring you tranquility and solitude in a busy and sometimes crazy world. A special quote by Dzigar Kongtru, author of It’s Up To You sums it up very well: Spending time in solitude allows many positive qualities to break through the crust of mundane mind — and all of them point to the source of true happiness and freedom from suffering. This is our natural birthright.

And just a bit of trivia: Martha Stewart thinks this place is special – she is coming to do a feature on Tangled Gardens… remember, you read about it here first!!

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8 thoughts on “Communing with Nature…

  1. Laura Josey on said:

    I’m glad you got to enjoy the “tangle.” I made a special trip there this week to get my sister a jar of her favorite jelly! Pepper Herb Jelly with a small dab of cream cheese on your cracker. Mmmmmmmmm.


    • Yes, Laura… we did have some tastes of these jellies but the offerings were overwhelming and without a recommendation we weren’t sure what to select. I took the brochure and will consider ordering on line!


  2. Tangled Garden……my favourite place in the Annapolis Valley. I was there when the wisteria was in full bloom….amazing! Martha will enjoy her visit!!!


  3. Alison Cowitz on said:

    Hi Anna,

    I really am loving your blog! In my selfish way, it makes me happy that you think of me often enough to send me a little note now and then about what you are up to. Thank you for that! It also reminds me to be creative every day. I woke up this morning with my mind running with ideas. I had to get up to write them down. I do recognize that most of them will not make it to the “masterpiece” I envision, but it is still fun when the wheels start turning.

    I got together with Donna Sheppard and a few other quilt guild ladies yesterday in Fernie. It is always great to see Donna as she gives me SO much energy, she inspires me to keep dying. We both want to keep learning. I did some dying last week in Calgary (pic attached). There is a breast cancer fundraiser coming up on Sept 21 that I wanted to make and donate some little bags with my dyed fabrics. I want to make them simple, but of course my creativity is running away and I am finding that I am envisioning them more complicated…. Why? After all, I’m going to give them away! This pic I’m sending you, I see a heart flower? I was thinking of making an iPad case as someone will be donating one.

    Shibori – where can I learn more? Resists – I want to try taking the dye back out of my fabrics. The paint on stuff that Paula had in Emma Lake? Do you remember what it was called? I want some. Any other suggestions on what other products I can try? I remember you saying a laundry product?

    Ideas, ideas…. Not enough time in the day….

    I hope you are doing well! I am counting down the days till we can get together again, Xx Alison


  4. Gwen Smith on said:

    Beautiful pictures and gardens – thank you!
    So nice to wake up to……


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