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Searching for Tom Thomson’s Autumn’s Garland…

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…was my primary purpose for visiting Algonquin Park several days ago. My worries that we may be too early for this year’s color change were quickly put to rest when we set up camp. I could hardly wait to capture the orange, red, and rust leaves that surrounded our site.

We drove Hwy. 60 several times during our stay, from the East Gate to the West Gate, and back… We stopped at lookouts, visited the art center and gallery and toured the Visitor Center with its historic displays. A couple of hikes let us experience the Ontario wilderness that influenced Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven so significantly.

Canoe Lake became our destination twice! On Sunday afternoon we observed countless canoes returning from weekend and day excursions. When we returned the second night to share a picnic dinner the lake was deserted except for a lone loon circumnavigating the bay above and below water.

We rose early to capture the sunrise and tried to find the perfect spot to witness the sunsets. Our time in Algonquin Park, however short, was memorable and worth venturing off the Trans Canada Highway for. I found what I was looking for, my own Autumn’s Garland colors…

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7 thoughts on “Searching for Tom Thomson’s Autumn’s Garland…

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  2. Hello Anna, Beautiful pictures. The trees/leaves in the fall are the thing that I most miss from the East. Sure, we have yellow here, but it’s not the same!! Thank you for bringing my memories back in such glorious colour!


    • You are welcome, Karen!
      You are so correct in your observations – the red is missing from most of the prairies… however, where we live, in the Qu’Appelle Valley we have some reds present this time of the year. Friends who have visited and lived in Ontario have commented on the similarities in the fall.


  3. Your photos of the leaves are beautiful!
    I had an email from a friend in the Netherlands. The Group of Seven is just finishing its first showing i the Netherlands … she was blown away by the arctic artwork. Lorne Harris was her favorite. She also loved Tom Thompson’s fall landscapes.


    • So good to hear that The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson are receiving recognition outside of our country – even if it is nearly 100 years after many of their work was first created.
      I also have been partial to Lawren Harris’ work but after visiting Algonquin Park I have gained a new appreciation for the works by Thomson, especially his fall color compositions.


  4. Kathy Strawson on said:

    good morning Anna. Thank you so much for that mini-colour-vacation. It was again raises that question for me about the colour balance in my art. Is there a forumla that I should intuitively know? Referring to the Group of 7 I especially love the style of Franklin Carmichael with his ribbons of colour imitating landscapes.


    • Kathy – there is no real formula you can follow. Continue to use the colors you are drawn to naturally – then add contrast in the form of complementary color highlights. The other way to approach color is to choose your favorites and explore them in analogous color schemes. A good color wheel is a must for the studio. Let me know if this helps – email me directly for other suggestions!


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