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Then and Now

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What a difference five weeks make! On August 16th we stopped at Serpent River Campground on our way to the Ottawa region for just one night. It was a glorious, hot summer day. We witnessed a golden sunset over the river and enjoyed the warm evening.

On September 18th we returned to the same campground on our journey home. Fall was in the air but a glorious sunset made up for the chill.

Imagine our surprise when we woke up to a white dusting of frost the next morning. But, as any artist and especially photographer will tell you: Seize the moment! We quickly pulled our cameras from the bags in the car and took advantage of the mist rising from the river. I love the ice on weeds and leaves – and within moments the ice transformed to water droplets on the wild blackberry leaves along the path.

This will be the last posting from our long trip this summer. Life is returning to a more regulated pace and the studio is calling me to create. I hope you have enjoyed the travel posts along the way. and that the colors and textures from today’s slideshow inspire you.  Happy Sunday!

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10 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. Hi Anna,
    That gorgeous red leaf with the water droplets is wonderfully inspiring !


  2. Linda Dirkson on said:

    Welcome home Anna. Thanks for taking me on the journey. Enjoyed the pictures and your wonderful appreciation of nature.


  3. Thanks for all your sharing on your trip. Sitting at home this summer having medical stuff done, I really appreciate your taking me to these beautiful places! Taking these close-ups must be contagious — beautiful!


    • You are welcome, Karen! I appreciate your feedback and am glad I was able to bring your “old stomping grounds” closer to you when you are unable to travel. Hopefully you are on the road to recovery! Enjoy the wonderful fall weather. It’s great to be home after such a long time on the road – and the fall colors at Buffalo Pound Lake are glorious!


  4. Irene P. Dietlin on said:

    Hello Anna!

    I do enjoy your emails…especially your photos…they are SOOOO professional!

    However, I think you would probably like to know that you have used the incorrect word in your email…”Cease the moment!” It should be “Seize the moment!” Cease means to stop or discontinue and seize means to take hold of or to grasp.

    Your emails are so well done and interesting that I hope you would like to know this and will not be offended by my telling you about it.

    At any rate, autumn is finding its way to us here in Connecticut too. And I do love the cooler temperatures devoid of humidity!

    Take care and stay well and happy!

    Irene Dietlin (I took a week long class with you at QBL a couple of years ago and so enjoyed it!)


    • Thank you, Irene! The mistake has been fixed – I appreciate your sharp eye! This is what happens when English is not the first language and when I compose a post when I am still tired…
      I do remember you well from my workshops at QBL in 2007. We were going to meet at Quilt Canada in 2008 in Newfoundland but it didn’t work out. I hope you are well and staying creative. Stay in touch!


  5. Always love your close-ups! Your eye for the small things is perfection.


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