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Reflecting and Projecting

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It’s time – time to refocus and evaluate where to go from here. Six weeks away from home and the studio is a long time, and I would be dishonest if I said I am able to step right back into my creative routine. My bags, filled with teaching supplies, trunk show examples and unopened kits are still sitting neatly in a row ready for unpacking and storing. A task I will attend to in a little while.

While transferring and sorting images from the last part of our trip I came across the pictures I captured at Kakabeka Falls near Thunder Bay, ON just before sunset last Thursday evening. The timing was perfect and the viewing platforms on either side of the falls were ideal for capturing the water crashing into the canyon below.

Much like water never stands still life continues in its path. It is my mission this week to make my way back onto this broad road that has opportunities branching off in various directions. I have ideas, plans and sketches for new work but it will be a while before I post my progress. Much like good wine my ideas need some time to ferment and eventually clarify. Is it time for new directions? I am not certain of anything. There will be experimentation, sampling and branching out… and I am ready for it!

There is more teaching scheduled for October – both classes are full! I look forward to reconnecting with new and familiar students in both Yorkton and Weyburn.

Thank you to all who have made this blog a part of their creative lives – I am committed to posting regularly and invite you today to suggest what you would like to read about. I am also open to submissions from guest bloggers. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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4 thoughts on “Reflecting and Projecting

  1. Hi Anna,
    Ah,yes, our own Kakabeka Falls. Although they are so very close to home for me , I did not get out to view them yet this season so thanks for the recent photos. Apparently the falls were phenomenal in the spring when we got all the flooding rains .
    I too have been away for a long time ….2 months in northern Manitoba at the lake . It was a wonderful time as usual , but as you say , one does not slip right back into creative mode. I have returned with a head full of inspiration but the house and yard call! Possibly tomorrow one of my machines will have a stronger call.


    • Joyce, I thought of you while visiting the falls – wondering if you had returned home from your summer in Northern Manitoba… Next time we have to make sure to connect in person! We spent some time exploring Thunder Bay and even had breakfast at the Hoito on the recommendation of a friend who grew up in Thunder Bay.


  2. I’ve been to Kakabeka Falls many times many long years ago. It’s beautiful there. I look forward to your blog several times a week. It blows my mind where you find the time between all your teaching and creativeness. I surely do love the photos, so keep them coming. Thank you Anna for all you do.


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