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September Artlet Update

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Setting the scene: My space for most of September was the passenger seat of our Toyota Matrix and the small living space of our A-Liner Sport Camping trailer…

My supplies: I brought along 35 plain luggage tags made from card stock and my set of Staedtler triplus fineliner pens.

My determination: To continue my “journal challenge” for 2012 and create one small Artlet to honor each day.

For a color scheme: I limited myself to the creamy background of the card stock label and the black pen. I divided the space with lines and shapes and filled them in as the mood struck. This was something I could do between breakfast and climbing into the car to explore our next destination, or during those few rainy days that slowed down the sight seeing, or a lazy day before presenting a lecture in the evening evening.

You get the picture… Now enjoy the slide show! Happy Sunday! I am celebrating 9 months of creativity – no matter what, no matter where!

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2 thoughts on “September Artlet Update

  1. Anna these are so very super fun. I think that I will try my hand at this too. What ideas are always running around in your brain!!!!! Hope I can find the right kind of pen and also cardboard luggage labels. Thanks for the fun project. Leona


    • Go for it, Leona!
      A regular fine tipped black pen (such as a Sharpy) and some card stock cut into 2″ x 4″ will work. I bought the luggage tags at Staples – in case you are wondering!
      Have fun!


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