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Patience… And the Studio!

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It’s the weekend and I am just checking in to update my progress in the studio. The last week has been a little hectic but I feel quite happy with my progress.

First and foremost, I am finally “back in business” with a new printer and scanner. When I returned home from six weeks on the road much to my dismay and frustration,  my all-in-one printer was pouting – no matter how much coaxing, sweet talking and troubleshooting we did (with and without Epson’s assistance!), my Artisat 700 was not able to get past his error message. It was not what I needed at this time… Subsequently I embarked on some careful research, and finally ended up ordering a new printer as well as a separate scanner. I do not want to be faced with one or the other device breaking down in the future, and therefore rendering the entire system useless. My new office additions arrived Friday and it took until just about an hour ago to set them up. Gone are the days of early 2000 where I was able to plug my scanner and printer cables into the USB hub connected to my blue Clamshell iBook, proudly navigating the computer and its peripherals entirely by myself.

My new office additions reminded me of navigating a Rideau Canal Lock by boat. It was a sunny Sunday early in September when we watched the hub of activity surrounding the locks along Rideau Canal. What I remember vividly was how patient everyone was waiting in their boats. Patience was the keyword to remember when downloading drivers from the internet only to find out that we had to go directly to Apple (where a tiny window in a hidden corner had to be clicked) to obtain the latest update for the Epson Artisan 1430 printer. This took most of Saturday. The scanner was a little more straight forward to activate… once we realized that a hidden toggle switch on the side had to be pushed to the on position. Once I figured this out I was ready to go to work.

I am happy to report, both office machines are now fully operational and responding well to my computer prompts. Thank you to Colin! Once again her saved me from frustration initialized by “electronic connection confusion”. I have now updated and printed the handouts for next week’s Machine Embellishment workshop. They look great!

Additional progress in the studio this week is marked by a new journey into research and ultimately the start of a new art piece. I embarked on marrying science with some traditional quilting shapes and techniques… I will share more about the process once I am further along with the project. Meanwhile a photographic record is underway to share the progress at a later date.

Thanks for stopping by: Enjoy the rest of the weekend – what’s left of it!

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2 thoughts on “Patience… And the Studio!

  1. I just wiped out what I have written. Yuk. I know just how you feel about all this new and mysterious computer hardware etc. Maybe by the time I hit 80 and have to struggle with all of this hardware I will return to photos and letters as they used to be. Glad that you have managed to get everything up and running again. It hurts my brain to wrestle with this stuff. Leona


    • Anna Hergert on said:

      Not only does it give me a headache but it also takes time away from creating! All is well now and the new printer and scanner are doing their thing.


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