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October Artlet Update!!!

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Better late than never – October went by in such a blur with getting settled in again at home after six weeks on the road, jumping back into teaching for two full weekends and y commitment to publish a series on the elements and principles of design. I can’t believe we are well into November already, a month generally described as grey and transitional. The natural palette changes from vivid colors to a more monochromatic and even achromatic color scheme and this year the developments in my surroundings are not deviating…

October’s Artlets are focused on simplicity. I retrieved my little stack of Angel Cards, drew one card a day and used it in combination with the fine tipped markers to create marks on painted and stamped ground. I persevered and have completed 10 months of Artlet Journaling.

I am glad I opted for color in my October Artlets as the weather has changed just as we turned the calendar over. There has been fog, freezing rain and even some light snow to shroud the trees and yard. The lake is a steel grey, reflecting the color of the sky and it appears that my environment is in limbo. But, a brief visit to the shore yesterday morning to check out this year’s freeze has not disappointed! I found branches and rocks encased in ice – I nearly missed it…

Stay tuned and check back for some of the imagery I am gathering for sharing soon! Happy Sunday!

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4 thoughts on “October Artlet Update!!!

  1. Love your artlets. I agree it has been dull and grey lately. Cochrane saw clear skys and the sun in full force today – finally could see the mountains! Sure makes people more cheerful!


    • Karen, good to hear from you again. We are still waiting for the sun – before it gets sunny I will have to battle my way to Saskatoon tomorrow – freezing rain is in the forecast there. Send sunshine!


  2. Betty G on said:

    Lovely Anna!


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