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The End of an Era???… Marks the Beginning for new Opportunities!

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Last summer I had the tremendous privilege to spend two weeks at the Kenderdine Campus at Emma Lake in the Boreal Forest Region of Saskatchewan. Emma Lake has a longstanding history for artists near and far. Week one was marked by my active participation in a photography workshop that completely immersed us students into the “sweet light” and Adobe Photoshop under the tutelage of John Perret. These experiences opened opportunities and showed the way to directions I never considered previously. I am sharing my latest images of the Aurora Borealis “show” from November 13th overlooking the lake and neighborhood I live in. These images would not have been captured if I hadn’t gained the knowledge and experience last summer…

My second week was spent with seven motivated, talented and very hard working fiber artists from BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. It was a week I will never forget as the work that was produced was full of innovation and passion! I might sound a little over the top but this is truly how I experienced my connection with the participants. Images and short reports can be found in posts on this blog from the second part of July 2012. Feel free to search the archives (found on the About Anna page).

Why am I blogging about Emma Lake this time of the year? The reason for the memory recall is a little overwhelming: Imagine my dismay to read a news release on Thursday afternoon (November 15th) informing the public about the immediate suspension of operations at Kenderdine Campus until 2016.

Yes, my workshop for 2013 was scheduled to take place August 11th – 17th. I had already activated  my many avenues of promoting the dates for Art Quilt Camp at Emma Lake and interest was strong. I even forwarded new names and contact info to the director (who unfortunately was terminated on Thursday).

My disappointment is difficult to describe, however, life must go on and so will my plans to offer “Art Quit Camp 2013” – if not at Emma Lake, somewhere else! I am actively pursuing an alternative venue as I am typing this post. I have initiated contact already! I am waiting to share details with everyone until I have visited the venue in person – it looks amazing on the website. The dates might have to be shortened by one night… but with a smaller group it should not be a problem to cover the objectives of the workshop. I am committed to offering an art quilt camp (or maybe even a couple) during the summer of 2013.

Are YOU interested in taking a summer workshop? Please email me as soon as possible I will add your name to a growing list of interested students, and I will keep you informed of further developments. Thank you for letting me share another news item about budget cuts related to the arts… I moved to Saskatchewan in 2007 primarily for the supportive atmosphere surrounding the arts… after five years I feel I am reverting back to the environment I experienced previously in Alberta. And if I may say so – cutbacks in the arts are NOT progress!

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10 thoughts on “The End of an Era???… Marks the Beginning for new Opportunities!

  1. Anna, I have not been following your blog for very long, but I have found it informative. I also like it because it’s Canadian! So let me get to the point. I have been quilting for a number of years and have just recently (2011) attempted to venture from the traditional to the more “artsy” quilt genre. Yes, yes I know each quilt is a piece of art, but I want to try new things. In reading your blog I was intrigued by your description of classes and workshops offered at Emma Lake. I decided to check out Kenderdine Campus on the internet before fully reading your blog and discoved the news release that you mentioned. Now I am sorry to hear that i will not have an opportunity to investigate this opportunity further. Why is it that the Arts are always the first things to get slashed from a budget? Anyway, please keep me informed about what you will have organized for further years.


    • Thanks for weighing in, Renate! Your questions about the arts funding resonate with many. However, I am determined to embrace this challenge and explore new alternatives. Artists are nothing if they are not resourceful! Keep following the blog – I will be posting updates and new info about workshops as soon as I have them.


  2. Interesting that just as the economy is booming, the arts are being slashed. One has to wonder at the wisdom as it is the arts that record and illustrate any culture. That’s why museums exist and why scholars spend so much time in museums, art galleries and archives–to learn about the cultures they are studying. Can you imagine a study of the Middle Ages without mention of Byzantine iconography or illustrated Bibles or Donatello or Hildegard von Bingen? I could go on, but you see what I mean. Perhaps we will go down in history as a non existent culture? Very sad, but we mustn’t give up.


    • Thank you for taking the time to weigh in, Susan! You are raising some interesting points… It would not be the first time in history that arts and culture fall victim to the all-mighty dollar and capitalism! Saskatchewan has a strong artistic community and among them many innovative thinkers. I have decided to view this challenge as an opportunity!


  3. Donna Sheppard on said:

    I am so glad that I was able to be a part of your 2012 workshop. Looking forward to hearing more about your plans for 2013. You are an amazing teacher. I had such a good time in your class and I am looking forward to learning more from you.


  4. Oh Anna I am really surprised! Closed until 2016! That makes me think it will never open buildings don’t stand up well if they are not used! I was planning to go so keep me posted please!! This was to be a great year of learning for me. Jan is Quilting in the Desert the class is with Rayma Gillman. Then August was you , and September was Italy with Pamela Mostek. If I can be of any help let me know!!!! Paula


    • Paula, I am working on it! The closure of Emma Lake came as a huge blow to all of us, including Paul, the director. This was not handled well by the University! However, life forges ahead and I am not one to stand still and contemplate for long. Already made contact with another venue and heading there for a tour this coming week.


  5. Marilyn Clulow on said:

    Yes I am definitely interested in any courses you are giving next summer, thank you, Marilyn

    Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2012 12:23:40 +0000 To:


    • Marilyn, stay tuned to the blog – I will be posting any developments on there! I have heard from so many former students, friends and supporters – it motivates me to move ahead and organize Art Quilt Camp 2013.


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