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Exploring the Spiral

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I have blogged about the spiral and its influences on my creativity before, several times in fact. In May 2010 Colin and I spent the better part of two weeks exploring the ditches and fields to gather rocks in our effort to build our very own meditation spiral in the front yard. The project was successful and continues to progress. It is awaiting a row of planters to shelter the path and create a sense of seclusion. Eventually a water feature will border this spiral – but for now it is covered with a magical blanket of snow.

When I headed out for an early morning walk last week my friend pointed out the play of light and shadow resulting from the rocks beneath the snow. On Sunday I ventured outside to capture a similar sensation of the sun on the snow, and the resulting images did not disappoint! The first image was taken from the deck of the studio to show how large the spiral really is. The indentation clearly shows the walking path to the center, passing by a Buddha figure peacefully contemplating the seasonal change…

I walked the spiral, first to experience the wintery changes, then to center my thoughts and lastly to capture some unique perspectives. The snow demanded my attention at the end. It had crystallized and formed short jagged columns that sparkled brightly in the sunlight. What a great way to start my day and week!

The energy I gathered on Sunday morning has helped me to focus and forge ahead with several decisions and exciting plans. Enjoy today’s short post with images of snow reminding us of a more reflective season ahead. And make sure to tune in on Thursday when I have some exciting news to share.

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7 thoughts on “Exploring the Spiral

  1. Love the sandstone Buddha! I have one very similar in my front garden.


  2. carol schuld on said:

    you wondered if people looked at your blog just to see your photos – well, they are so worth it. these shots are just great. there’s an art / craft in doing this well also. keep it up and thanks for sharing them.


  3. Looking forward to Thursday


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