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Time for me to wake up…

How can you tell when you are busy and not paying close attention to the calendar??? As it was pointed out to me: The first Sunday of Advent is this coming weekend… I was a whole week early! On the upside: the house is decked out with a few seasonal “embellishments” – the tree will not go up for another 4 weeks.

The upside of this calendar mix-up was that I have a full extra week. It is like a gift of time… a gift much needed as I am still catching up from the summer! I keep telling myself: I will get there!

I do have a special reason for posting today: Great news on the Art Quilt Campus 2013 front – I have only three spots left before the maximum number of registrations will be reached. Thank you all for signing up so quickly and committing to an event that is still several months away. I appreciate your support! The first registration came from Sudbury, ON!!! Can’t wait where every one else is coming from! If you are serious about attending, send me a personal email right away so I can reserve a spot for you.

The second bit of news is also teaching related: I heard from another former student who has signed up for the Italy venture! I now have 5 students (all Western Canadians!), which means I have the official word that my workshop is forging ahead. There is still plenty of time to register for my fiber art workshop at the Abruzzo School of Creative Art.

I feel very blessed with everyone’s support. Thank you so much for your trust and indulging your sense of adventure! 2013 is shaping up to be a great year! And, I have already been contacted to book workshops and lectures in Ontario prior to Quilt Canada 2014. Wow!

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6 thoughts on “Time for me to wake up…

  1. I absolutely love this rooster – what an amazing character!

    Well done with the all sign-ups for the campus 😉


  2. Leona Larsen on said:

    As far as Roosters go this one takes the cake. He is a beauty and the photo shows off all of his splendor. Very well taken. Leona


  3. What an amazing photo, Anna! It is really a portrait, I feel like I know this fellow’s character.


    • Thanks, Dawn! This gorgeous and proud rooster belongs to my friend who lives in Nova Scotia. We visited there last August where one morning the light was just perfect to capture his portrait! This image has not been altered or enhanced.


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