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10 thoughts on “A Splash of Color…

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  2. Judithkh on said:

    Hi Anna. My splashes of colour are to be found in fabric I found a long time ago that is imprinted with old fashioned ‘Christmas card’ images of winter-garbed children engaged in traditional activities. The images are framed in gold, such that they can be cut and sewn or glued onto some sort of backing and made into cards or decorations. Glitter glue is great for highlighting some of the colours. The different ways in which these images can be crafted into very simple, unsophisticated but pleasing hand-made items resembles little ‘artlets’ to can make each day and give away. As a matter of fact you will be receiving one via snail mail!
    I wish you continuing and increasing success with your already successful and inspiring BLOGs.

    judithkh in Regina


  3. I am busy getting my colourful placemats done for Meals on Wheels. What a ‘bummer’ about the photographs not being allowed any more. Who can we email and give them our ‘colourful’ opinions???


    • Hi Karen, Way to go – charity quilting!
      Just to clear up any confusion: Photos are still allowed on the blog – they just did away with the option to insert them as a slide show. I have already contacted the powers above and they are working on in… many bloggers feel that the slide shows are a most have option! So, let’s hope this little obstacle will be overcome soon.


  4. Kind of dull here in Cochrane, too. Today I’m quilting a colourful Christmas table-topper!


    • Yes, apparently Alberta sent us this little snowy interlude 😉 Quilting a Christmas table-topper has to be one of THE best ways to add color to the day!
      I have been sorting photos taken in the summer most of the day and feel fully recharged with great color schemes for inspiration. Happy quilting, Leslie!


  5. Nelly Kamphuis on said:

    The world outside my window is a variety of greens with gold leaves carpeting the ground. There is no snow! Hope you are not tired of winter yet Anna…’s just beginning. Enjoy the sculpture and the colour in your studio.


    • A little bit of your color would be great right now!! We have had the snowiest November in a 70 year history in the Regina region… So, am I tired of winter yet? Not really – when I get bored with the grey study I grab my camera and spend an hour outside looking for subtle hints of color in and under the snow. Any day is brighter when the sun shines! Just not today…


    • We could use some of your colors at the moment. Apparently this has been the “snowiest” November in the Regina region in 70 years. Am I tired of winter yet? When the grey scale gets to me I grab my camera and spend an hour outside searching for hints of color in and under the snow… it’s amazing what I have found! Once the blue sky appears again everything looks so much brighter immediately!


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